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Choosing the right soccer shoes. From Coach Josh

Coach Gianni,

Good morning. I like your article; kids today have no idea about
proper boot care. Most, simply remove the shoe, wet (from water or
perspiration), muddy or dry and throw them into their bags and then
their parents carry the bag away.

Playing for Ballistic United Under 12 in Pleasanton was a great privelege. The Coach Harry Miller (CYSA Hall of Fame), made it mandatory that every boot was polished, black, and "spit-shined" for every game. He had to see his reflection in them.

If not, that player would not play until his shoe was like a mirror. This
created a sense of accountability, pride, and also saved parents a ton
of money, because shoes were well cared for. Technology has changed
soccer. Not all shoes are leather, now most of the top shoes have a
synthetic skin. Also with Field Turf, most cities in California are
moving to this, dries leather and synthetic shoes out.

Shoes have to be replaced more often because kids and young adults simply throw their shoes back into their bags after trainings or games, without any maintenance on the shoes. Personally, I think players should have a less expensive leather shoe for practice and a nicer game shoe. I understand this is not always possible.

Parents of kids under 16-17 should not spend more than $50-$70 for shoes (for the reasons you noted, growth). At the end of the day, "Is it the player or the shoe?"


Josh McKay
University of San Francisco
Assoc. Head Men's Soccer Coach
Athletic Dept.
Posted on 21 Mar 2007 by coachgianni
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