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Beckham can't do what even Pele was enable to do! From coach Hervi

Coach Gianni,

In my humble opinion, in the united States, and I have to clarify U.S.A., no One Man ( Except God ) can change the perception of the game of soccer here as merely a minor sports played by kids with soccer mom's and dad's enjoying watching their kids games during the weekends.

American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and yes even Nascar will always be in front as a choice of sports to watch before yours and my beloved game of soccer.

I have learned to accept this and enjoy the few times I have when I meet with real soccer fans like yourself, Karl, and handful of knowledgable soccer friends that shares the same passion that you and I have for the game.

For me soccer is the most beautiful game to play, watch and yes even listen to on the radio.

Beckham and even the legendary Pele will and could not change people's perception of soccer as just a minor sports here in the U.S.

When Pele failed to create soccer fans here in the U.S., I knew then that all I have to do is keep the game in my heart and teach kids who wants to play the game the technical and tactical skills needed to play soccer so that while they're playing they can enjoy the game, that I know will eventually give way to American Football, Basketball, Baseball....etc....etc.

Keep the game in your heart my good friend. In our hearts we can keep the game alive and relive all the passion and wonderful momemts in history that soccer has afforded and kindly given you and me.

Viva Futbol forever. One World , One Game !

Coach Hervi
Posted on 08 Mar 2007 by coachgianni
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