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San Francisco deserves a soccer team in the MLS!

More generally, the Bay Area deserves a soccer team in the MLS!

When the Earthquakes went away, UNBELIEVABLY!!!!, from a soccer fan’s point of view, something deeply wrong was done!

For a soccer lover like me, who comes from another soccer planet, to see a soccer team that changes cities, looking for more money, is beyond believing!

Can you imagine Manchester United moving to Liverpool? Or Liverpool moving to Rome? Chelsea moving to Milan or Real Madrid moving to............................Barcelona?

In the rest of the world, just to hypothesize this soccer eventuality, is the most absurd and unthinkable thing that could be thought, EVER! In spite of this, it not only happened here to a soccer team that won the MSL Championship 2 times, but it has happened in every sport, like baseball, basketball and football! And not some obscure team that just survived, but teams that have made the history of these 4 sports!

For billions of soccer lovers in the rest of the world, and I hope a few million in this country, this is simply……………………………


And, I don’t think I’m being ’naive’ in saying this. It’s just the American sport reality in which a team, in any sport, not necessarily soccer, is just a product that sells tickets and when this product doesn’t sell enough tickets anymore, end of story……………….……...GOOD-BUY and GOOD LUCK!!!

That’s why 3 of the best teams in the world, Manchester United, Aston Villa and, now, Liverpool, were purchased by American Millionaires, people that already own teams of different sports in America. Ask them to sustain soccer in America?

It seems to me I can hear their voices in answering this question.

“Hey guys, are you out of your mind? We own hokey, football and basketball teams in America so, soccer in America, can only make us LOOSE MONEY!!!!! So, we’ll never, EVER, invest our money in soccer in America! We invest in Europe where soccer belongs and where soccer has to stay!!!! Let’s joke about anything but, please, let’s not joke about money, in particular OUR MONEY!!!”

Good luck American soccer. If you’re expecting that the ‘owner of sports” in this country, will help soccer to grow, you haven’t understand YET, why after more than a century, has soccer barely survived in the USA!!!

And this explains why, instead of helping ALL THE SOCCER PLAYERS in the MLS, 250 MILLION $$$$$$ in 5 years are given, to a player like Beckham, that is already 32 years old!

Not to bad as a pension!

In spite of this reality, I strongly believe that soccer is a sport apart and, consequently, soccer fans are something……………………………….....apart!

We don’t go to the games to hang out at the bar of the stadium and get drunk! We don’t stay in the stands just to talk about vacations, jobs, computers, women or men (let’s not forget that we live in San Francisco!) movies, songs, actors or……………………….whatever, instead of watching the game! We don’t go away during the game to the restaurant of the stadium and come back after one hour and ask “Hey, what’s up? Did anyone score?”.


Never, EVER, talk to us about anything, if it’s not STRICTLY connected with what’s happening in that rectangle in this exact moment and, if it’s possible, don’t talk to us at all! We are focused on the game, we suffer, we are concentrated, we are involved and, much more important, we are loosing and the game is almost over!!!!

Why do I say this?

Because in the last year, 2 soccer realities ‘appeared’, one of them ‘reappeared’, in San Francisco.

The “San Francisco Seals” and recently, the “California Victory”.

The soccer goddess……………………………….......bless you!!!!!!!

San Francisco Seals:
California Victory:

Both clubs are managed by people that deeply know soccer because they have dedicated all their lives to developing soccer in this country and they know exactly what to do to reach the final goal. Go to the MLS!

But in spite of their great effort, they need one thing, the only thing, that permits soccer to succeed in all the rest of the world.

What they need are spectators, also known as FANS, that go regularly to the games, and make the players understand, more precisely FEEL, that they are not alone on the field!

Many times I’ve underlined that a soccer team, a REAL one, is the expression of the territory that has generated it! So, when these 2 teams play (that means the players), they need to know that they represent US, they play for US, they win for US and for them, and if they (we) lose, WE will be there to sustain them anyway so, we (they) will win the next game! This way, the players DEEPLY understand, that they represent their city and their families who live here, and that the soccer jersey that they wear, doesn’t have that color just to be distinguished from the other teams! That jersey, is our flag, the flag of San Francisco and it’s an honor to represent US by wearing OUR jersey, against other cities.

I deeply hope that these 2 teams, will correctly interpret these principles that have permitted other teams in the rest of the world, to become legends, like Barcelona, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan, Liverpool, Manchester United, Bayer, PSV, Juventus, Boca Junior, River Plate, Celtics, Newcastle, Benfica, Ajax, just to name a few!

And what permitted them to become a legend, was that they NEVER even thought about going to another city, because they could have a better stadium or more spectators!

So, please, “Seals” and “Victory“, this country has enough items for sale at $19.99, and we don’t need another 2 ‘unbelievable offers’ 1+1. We need a team, possibly 2 so we can compete with each other in getting better, to fall in love too!

We can’t fall in love with someone that, once again, we know will leave us. We can’t stand that anymore! We need someone that stays with us, no matter what happens. That way, we, the FANS, the ones that pay for the tickets, jerseys, scarves, hats and flags, will love you………………forever!

In conclusion, without dreaming to much of being involved as a coach in these 2 realities, please, both of you, use my news letter that reaches more than 4,000 soccer lovers in the Bay Area, to communicate to them and say ANYTHING that you think could be good to bring more spectators to the USF field (Negoesco field) or the Kezar Stadium when you play at home and all the information to come with you when ’OUR’ teams play away. I said OUR, because in this country, until the ‘owners’ of the teams understand that the teams are ‘OURS’ and not ‘YOURS’, and are not ‘objects’ that can be moved and sold like a car, soccer will never succeed in this country!

You represent US and please force yourself to remember this: our soccer heart………............... is not for sale, anymore!!!!

Coach Gianni

Posted on 01 Mar 2007 by coachgianni
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