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This occurs in the US also Gianni. By Bill

This occurs in the US also Gianni. I think that it reflects the
colletive despair of human existence that the agverage person feels today in
this impersonal world dominated by multi-national corportations. Sports
seems to have become the activitiy through which people feel some sense
of purpose and importance.

My 10 year old daughter is playing basketball for the winter until
soccer starts up again. The other day her team was playing in a neighboring
community. The game was refereed by a couple of volunteer officals who
happened to be from that community. Several calls were called against
us. Some of the parents from our team had the perception that the refs
were making more favorable calls toward the home team. Some of the
parents of our girls became very vocal. After the game, when the girls lined
up to pass the other team to congratulate them and say "Good Game", one
of the moms stood up on the bleachers and yelled, "They didn't win that
game! they didn't win that game! The refs gave them that game! Don't
tell them 'Good Game'. They didn't win that game!" It was parents of 10
year old girls, role modeling such poor sportsmanship. Fortunately the
coach spoke to the girls in a team meeting at the next practice and
stressed his rule that we never bad mouth the other team no matter how we
feel about the outcome and no matter what the parents do. He let them
know that he will bench players for unsportsmanlike behavior. I support

I have seen other similar incidents at all levels of sports. Last year
at a Big Twelve football game between our University of Missouri Tigers
and our rivals, the Kansas State Jayhawks, they were beating us badly.
At one point Kansas got a touchdown and a group of Kansas fans three
rows below me cheered loudly. Suddenly a box of popcorn came over my head from a couple of rows up and hit a middle aged kansas couple on the
back. I looked up and all the people behind me were middle aged adult
Missouri fans. These were not college kids. These people were mad because
the opposing team was beating us and their fans were happy about it.
This seems to be some very twisted thinking going on. And from adults, all
because of a sporting event. something is wtong with our sports culture
when it gets this out of perspective. Too many people seem to be
looking to sports to serve as a symbol of our importance as people.

For God's sake. It's just a game.

Bill Clark, Soccer dad and amateur recreation league soccer coach in
Columbia Missouri.

Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by coachgianni
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