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not feel ashamed. by Mason

Coach Gianni,

don't let the Ultimo extremists, or whatever they call themselves, silence you also. At some deeper, darker level this is what they want. It is destruction they are after; of themselves; of culture; of order; of the responsibilities that allow our freedom. People who create chaos and mayhem are rewarded when we quit being who we are, or doing the things we do. We mustn't respond with behavior like theirs, and we mustn't hunker down in silence.

Individuals like yourself, with your life experience, need to speak out in moments like these, not feel ashamed. Your association with these people is limited to ancestry and nationality. They are not your cultural bretheren.

I would welcome brief reports from you about what everyday people in your homeland are doing to stop the nonsense, along with your usual interesting content.

Please keep it coming.


Posted on 04 Feb 2007 by coachgianni
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