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please be proud to be italian by Kevin

Brother Gianni,

First of all let me say that as a liverpool fan, who knows the same shame that you are feeling would like to tell you its not your fault. it is the very small sick minority who must burden the blame. please be proud to be italian, you have no need to be ashamed. dont let these mindless thugs bring an end to your love of the newsletter, to do so tells these sick bastards that they win and its people like us, the majority who lose.

I was in Liverpool over the xmas holiday and i was thinking of you when i picked up a book. it is the autobiography of referee collina. i have been meaning to give it to you but i havent got around to it. if you send me back somewhere to mail it to you, id be honoured.

My friend, stand tall because you are everything good about the beautiful game.


Posted on 04 Feb 2007 by coachgianni
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