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There are moments in which Iím ashamed of being Italian!

Dear Soccer Brothers,

I hope that during these few years in which Iíve sent out my weekly newsletter, you have gotten to know me a little so, you know that Iím always on the front line, denouncing what is wrong in the sport that we love.

In this moment in my country there is a CANCER that affects Italian life and, consequently even soccer, that his deeply rooted in the Italian daily life.

Itís not important when the game was, what teams, in what region North or South or whatever, what is important is that, during and after the game around the stadium, hundreds people get injured very badly, hundreds of fans and, MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, hundreds of policemen who were there just because itís their job and they risk their lives for a ridiculous pay check! Unfortunately, one of them , the chief inspector Filippo Raciti, 38 years old, died after the explosion of a paper-bomb. Another is in very critical condition.

Finally, after this drama, the last of an endless list, the Italian Government, not only the sports and soccer federations, STOPPED ALL LEAGUES AND ALL CHAMPIONSHIPS, for an UNDETERMINATE PERIOD, until the safety of all the people involved in soccer is ensured!

Soccer will stop from SERIE A down to the youth teams. Even the National Team, the Azzurri, will not play until the whole soccer movement sets new rules. New rules that itís supposed, all the civilized societies already have. In particular the one that comes from millenniums of history and civilization!

Iím really sorry but, instead of next week's newsletter, this is my next newsletter. News that for sure makes all of us Italians that are guests in your (our) country, very sad and ashamed.

My traditional news letter on Wednesdays, will come back when civilization comes back to my country. Look at the pictures in the web, it doesnít seem to me that that will be soon but, as we say in Italy, hope is the last thing to die.

Your brother in soccer, gianni

Posted on 04 Feb 2007 by coachgianni
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