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About "play possession" from Mbaki R Mutahaba

Dear Coach Gianni,

First of all i do love your articles. I think what I find most fascinating about them is the fact that we think alike. That gives me a feel good factor of my own knowledge of this beautiful game. I am an 33 year old African, living in the bay area working professionaly as a Software Engineer.

But my passion and love for this game is beyond anything you can imagine. I have played it the whole life, have watched the whole life and am slowly getting into coaching it with focus on youth. I specificaly like your views of the problems U.S faces with soccer especially at the youth level.

This article of possession touches me more because I always have countless discussions with my old coach on "fast breaks". I am as a player reluctant of fast breaks(long ball) unless success rate is extremely high. And this goes down to possession football. I have always preached, if we have the ball then they can't do us any harm.

Please keep me posted should you have any addiitiona seminars. I took only the first coaching license F. Frankly, i strongly believe in my knowledge of this game and even though I dont have the certificates, I have seen those with them in the practise sessions.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my two cents.


Posted on 01 Feb 2007 by coachgianni
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