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About "play possession" from Ron Lavi


Good article. Here are my comments about Possession:

The word that is missing is “Spacing”. You cannot pass the ball with out proper spacing

My Rule: Never pass a ball you cannot defend:

I see many bad clearances from Defense to an opponent. Make sure you are always in a direct pass between the ball and the goal.

Make sure that even if you made a bad pass you can still defend the ball. I see many MFs lose the ball in the middle due to a bad pass and out of position to defend the ball.

Never pass a ball Lateral when you are not sure an opponent is there (I saw it in a WC game: Spain vs. Denmark Mexico ’86 decided by one mistake)

Never pass a ball to the goalie that can get in. If you pass the ball to the Goalie make sure it is not in the direction of the goal ( Croatia beat England a few months ago. Gary Neville passed the ball to the goalie. The goalie missed the ball and the ball went in)

Posted on 01 Feb 2007 by coachgianni
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