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The execution of the perfect penalty kick has become a formula!

Does the perfect way to make a penalty kick exist?

According to a group of scientists of the John Mores University of Liverpool, YES.

They studied all the penalty kicks, made from 1962 by English teams, and they came out with a formula that could make every soccer player very happy.

More than being a formula, itís a statistic that synthesizes simple general rules, in which the kicker was successful. Iíll report it here for the pleasure of knowing the results of the study, more than as a precise science that clearly, couldnít be.

Number of steps.

Neither too many, like 8/10, nor starting from standing just behind the ball. So, for the scientists, the correct number of steps is between 4 and 6.

Position of the foot that kicks.

Doctor Davis Lewis, underlines that the best result is achieved by kicking with the inside of the foot. So, not rockets shot with the top of the foot (the laces). The study shows that shooting with the outside of the foot reduces the success by 25%.

Wait for the keeper to move.

This is a basic concept in the study. Wait for the keeper to move. But not too much. Donít wait more than 0.41 thousandths of a second.

Be detached.

This is the fundamental aspect that has nothing to do with specific soccer skills. Donít be touched by the importance of the penalty. Doctor Ginsburg, one of the staff, underlines that kicking a penalty, is a battle of minds. He says: ĒI teach the players how to break with the past. Only this moment counts. So they go through the ritual of tying their shoes, having a fixed number of breaths, etc., etc., just to make it mechanic.Ē

Does this make any sense, from a strictly soccer point of view? There is a great novel of Trilussa that underlines statistics. If some people have nothing to eat and some other eat a chicken a day, statistically, all of them eat half chicken a day. So, up to you to draw the conclusions.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 25 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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