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College Soccer in America from Ron Lavi


College Soccer in America Ė Paul Gardner

1. The article is interesting and with several good points. What the article is missing, and I understand why, is to point out the fact that the College programs perhaps are not adequate. On the other hand, the most successful talent in Europe doesnít go play for a University. It is ALL based on the Club system. I believe Ajax is one of the best there is

2. Even though the University programs donít produce super stars, how would you explain the success of the US team in 2002 WC? They beat all the countries with great tradition. I donít recall the USA Roster but I believe at least 50% were College Graduates.

3. I also believe that every writer has an agendaÖÖ

4. Do you suggest all new young talents should go to Europe and skip school? I believe school is very important and as an athlete you always have something to fall back on should your career is not successful or short.

Letís not jump into conclusions to quickly


I believe Beckham has been on the decline for many years. He is not my style of player. I like MF that play defense too. Yes, he is very good with the ball but that it.

I donít mind him coming to the USA. I just think the price is too high for a player on the decline. Also, Beckham needs finishers and the Galaxy doesnít have Van Nistelroy, Rooney, Ryan Giggs and so on.

It reminds the old NASL when over the hill players came to play here like Pele, Beckenbauer, Yosebio and other.

English Soccer

I never understood how all these great British MFs like Gerard, Lampard, Cole and Beckham are so good in the EPL but do nothing in WC or European Cup competitions


Posted on 25 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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