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College Soccer by Charlie Little

Dear Coach Gianni,

I know, you said to write to those other guys, but I wanted to say this to you earlier in reply to a theme in your newsletters: Soccer is for fun, not to build a national team. Youth soccer is so that the kids can have fun, not train for the World Cup. Sure the college game is crap, but that is not the point. The point is those guys and girls can get an education and have fun playing the greatest game in the world at the same time.

Who cares if the U.S. never gets past the first round in the World Cup? We can still bomb everyone else into smithereens any time we want. (Oops, got off the track there). Do we have to be best at everything? I like it that at least in soccer, we are a third or fourth rate power (and getting there in basketball and baseball too!).

At a time when our administration is making enemies left and right, it helps us to be liked better in the world when their teams can beat ours.

We will have a better team when lots of kids just kick the ball around in the street and on the playgrounds in unorganized fun, by the way.

And one other thing: I loved your rant about SUV's and driving everywhere. Right on!

Charlie Little (Ex-player, now coach of little guys and referee)

Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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