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About, NCAA Soccer a dead end for MLS talent, from Kal Sandhu


Its absolutely true what Mike Woitalla, , Paul Gardner, and yourself stated. The US game is become very robotic, and this is evident in the CYSA, ODP, and college levels. Iíve seen many a number of ODP district level players who werenít allowed to play at the State level for the sheer fact that they are small in stature. These are very skilful 13, 13 year olds, whose bodies are still growing. I coach at the U-8 to U-9 level, with an emphasis of player development, fitness, nutrition, and lots of fun. When these lads win, they win because they play to have fun. At the high school JV level, I constantly nod heads with some parents. Just because their respective lads play in the CYSA doesnít mean that they are automatic for a spot of the high schoolís roster.

There are so many kids, especially minorities, that canít afford to play in the CYSA. Iím proud to state that being a director and coach, my club , MP Strikers FC, makes sure that economics is not a reason for a kid not to play at a competitive level. This was the same principle that we used when starting the SF ALL Blacks (aka Tom Simpson), which later went to greater glory by reaching the semifinals of the US Cup in 1997, by beating the Kansas and San Jose of the MLS.

Perhaps, I can buy you a beer one of these days.

I also want to thank my good friend, Toby Rappolt, for introducing your site to me.


Kal Sandhu

Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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