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Soccer in America from coach Michelle Lee

Hi Gianni:

I am the high school soccer coach who emailed you a few months a go and wanted to say how much I enjoy your articles and how I would love to live in a country that loves soccer. I don't see it happening in my lifetime but I can be part of the change of attitude towards soccer and the love I have for the sport has to be infectious!!!

I grew up for 25 years in Ohio known for its football and I do enjoy it but not like the quick skilled game of soccer. I then moved to California and meet up with a Dutch family who made an excursion of every game the Quakes played in San Jose. I got my first taste of the hype by catching a ball that was kicked into the stands by a player Leo Castillo and how great was that. I played field hockey as a girl and the formations much the same as soccer I fell in love with the international sport. I then married into a Hispanic family which loves the game of futbol.

My coaching director Paolo Carbone from Italy is the best he is always encouraging and we could talk soccer all day.

Anyways I wanted to let you know I resigned from High School soccer and will stick with Santa Cruz Breakers Organization who really cares about the development of soccer players. High schools do not give the coach the freedom to teach the sport year round and they expect so much for so little. I was really involved with some of the girls taking them to Santa Clara games taping World Cup games to watch and wanting them to dream and love soccer still is my passion or mission.

Can you believe I was forced out due to not following procedures about having paperwork in the office or letting games go on when I was told to cancel them because the officials were not assigned in the arbiter even though we had officials. The Athletic director who was only interim for 1 month said "I do not care about the soccer program". I was furious!!

The girls cried when I left and I told them to keep playing and I would be their to support them in the stands. I have a great reputation in the soccer community then they announced I was dismissed in the newspaper. I can't tell you how frustrated it is to love soccer so much and be told they don't care!!!

Anyways I move onward to tryouts for Class I where soccer players want to be there and love the game.

Thanks for your emails I think I love them 98% of the time but we can agree to disagree that's what makes are country great. Your right on. Keep the good work up!! I know you must be seeing some fruits from your labors.

Yours in Soccer
Coach Michelle Lee
Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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