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About, NCAA Soccer a dead end for MLS talent, from Ric Olivas

Dear Coach Gianni,

It's amazing to me that all the soccer pundits in this country keep
saying that they don't want to emulate England or Europe and now the
MLS is deigning to propose that a "club soccer" type of program be
started. If they add relegation and promotion to their "new" idea
they might have something. Anyone who has ever played soccer in this
country knows that college soccer is just kick and run and there
cannot be any strategy in a 12 week season. The concept of "cradle
to grave" espoused by all the big clubs around the world has worked
for all these years, why is it the the US soccer folks think that
they know better? When a kid from the ghetto can earn a decent
living playing profession soccer in this country you'll see us taking
the world cup. Some of our professional, mostly college kids just
out of college, are being paid $30,000 per year and being told that
they're professionals. The minimum wage for a professional baseball
player is $300,000. there is a big gap to be filled. Unfortunately,
USSF only worries about the MLS and the National team and has lost
all interest in the youth and amateur game.

Ric Olivas, Executive President
Posted on 24 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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