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I was too permissive!

To send out my soccer opinions and points of view, is always a great responsibility because other coaches or parents, often put into reality what I’m suggesting.

When some parents or coaches ask for my opinion, if I’m in doubt, I always ask in my turn the opinion of my soccer teachers, Coach Hervi Rualo or the ‘super-boss’ of the CYSA coaches, Coach Karl Dewazien. I exchange opinions weekly with Coach Karl. I’ve published some of his articles in my news letter and he published my articles on his website Fundamental Soccer or asked the management of the magazine Soccer California, to reprint some of my articles there.

Other times, Coach Karl, after having read the newsletter, lets me know what he’s thinking about the topic but that always stays between us. Recently he wrote to me after my article Soccer. The correct relationship between Coaches and Players (in my opinion). and this time, I think, it’s better to publish what he said (I asked his permission) because I said something that was too permissive in extending the pre-practice chit-chat, even during the warm-up and stretching. So, here it is:


Coach Gianni,

Loved your article and agreed with everything except the following,
"Let’s extend this period of ‘transition’ from daily life to the soccer field, even to the warm up and stretching.."

What you teach them today will be the habit of tomorrow and you do not want to put such little emphasis on the warm-up and stretching phase. As we attempted to teach you in the D course... 'Transition' should take place prior to practice, let them talk, have fun, etc. prior to practice... Once practice begins concentration, focus, attention, discipline must begin.

Since there is a some possibility of potential injury when stretching or warming up incorrectly we need to put a huge emphasis on total concentration during this phase and total concentration takes years to master. So, we need to have them understand (early) that (warm up, stretching) is a serious part of practice and that some day they will see the benefit of doing them correctly.

Besides, Step 2. in our '9-Step Practice Routine'…… Warm-up... should be Individual ball work with some occasional stretching --to create good habits for the future when stretching may be necessary.

Your 'with opinion' friend,

Who wants to wish you ....Happy Holidays to You and Yours,

Karl Dewazien
CYSA State Coaching Director


Thanks very much Coach Karl or, as he prefers, Koack Karl, for the input and support.

Sometimes, I have the sensation of being too severe and in that article, I had a few seconds of ‘temptation’ to be a little less ‘coach gianni’ so as not to be criticized for my ‘severity’, forgetting that, like I have underlined in the article, we coaches are not there on the field to make new friends!

In that article, I was a little permissive because, when I think of my U16 girls at practice, if I want them to stop talking and laughing when we start the warm-up and stretching, I have only one possibility: to put a piece of tape over their mouths! I wouldn’t have any problem in doing this, and sometimes I would like to do it, but unfortunately, probably some parents would not agreed! As a consolation, I’m sure that some other parents, would like to do it also!

Coach Gianni

P.S. The ’tape on the mouth’ wasn’t in the CYSA D National course 2 years ago! Koach Karl, could you please consider this possibility?

Posted on 18 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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