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Fair play by contract?

Chris Roberts is the new President of the team Torquay United. He bought the team 3 months ago and already made very clear what it means to play soccer in his Club. Torquay is an English club in the fourth division, called League Two.

He seems to be a true soccer lover, really tired of the modern attitude of simulating fouls, specifically in the opponents penalty area.
So, to make his thoughts really transparent and clearly comprehensible, without any doubts, these are the new rules that regulate the relationship between his club and the employers. The soccer players.

Here’s the soccer ‘bomb’:

The first time that a player from his club simulates a foul, by falling on the ground without being charged inappropriately by an opponent, he will receive a letter that reminds him not to do that anymore.

If the episode happens again, the second time, the player will be fined.

If this is not enough, and in spite of the above it happens again, the third time, the player will be put in the list of players that will leave the club at the end of the season, if not immediately, in the case that the violation of this agreement is too evident!

Roberts says: ”I love my club and as a fan, I love to see more goals and win games, but not at any cost! There are moral principles that are more important than winning games. If we behave like that, and we are the poorest in the league, we authorize the others to do the same. If, at the end of the season, one of my players provides a penalty for us, without any soccer reason, I’ll fire him immediately. I prefer to be relegated, than have that shame!”

Great Mr. Robert. Hope that your wonderful example, will be followed by more important clubs, that in the past, can’t exactly say that, they didn’t do anything just not to be relegated.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 18 Jan 2007 by coachgianni
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