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Have you seen the right movies?

I was at practice with my girls team U16 and during a water-brake we were talking about movies weve just seen. Seeing a good movie, sometime, is better that be hypnotize in front at the TV, looking garbage or play very violent video-games. To my surprise, not all of them, but more than half, hadnt seen films that I consider the pillars of cinematography of the last decades. So I sent them a list of movies with the purpose of filling up some holes in their cinematography background.

More precisely, besides the genre that one might like and the movie that one likes the most, I believe that if someone hasnt seen at least the movies on the list below, he or she really doesnt know what he or she is talking about, when occasionally movies are the topic. Its like talking about soccer without having seen Ronaldinho play, or Basketball without knowing who Carmelo or Koby are!

Obviously it's a personal list but, as I said, to talk about movies without having seen AT LEAST the ones on this list, is impossible. They are of very different genres, from comedy to drama, from action to science fiction, from romance to fantasy and not necessarily always strictly about moral values. For sure all off them are decent and without any doubt, almost all of them will make you a little, little, little, better person after having seen them.

So, here they are:

A beautiful mind
Cast Away
Pay it forward
Forrest Gump
Born on the 4th of July
Shine ( careful, not 'The Shining')
Ground Dog Day
Finding Neverland
The legend of 1900
The sixth sense
Chariots of fire
Billy Elliot
Bicentennial man
The greatest game ever played
A Civil Action
Dances with wolves
Dead Poets Society
Edward scissor hands
Erin Bronkovich
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Fried green tomatoes
Family man
Finding Forrester
Fly away home
Good will hunting
High fidelity
Lean on me
Little big man
October sky
Out of Africa
Remember the Titans
Rain Man
Renaissance Man
Red violin
The sting
Searching for Bobby Fisher
Sister act
Shattered glass
Time cop
Truman show
The thirteenth floor
Trading places
Wall street
Waking Ned Divine
Zero effect
50 first dates

I hope that you parents see them with your sons and daughters and you kids, see them with your parents. In particular J.F.K. because we watch with our eyes but we see with our brain. We hear with our ears but we listen with our brain. I hope that you, young women and young men will use your brain not your eyes and ears!

Id like to end this list by reminding you of the question that I often ask when I talk with movie lovers. If you met someone that had never seen a movie, what movie (just one) would you suggest they see, to give them the best example about what a movie is, considering the story, the way it is made and performed, the emotion and the meaning?

If youd like to answer this question, (not necessarily choosing from the list above), write to me at , the title, your age and sex. Ill put all the choices together! When I publish your choices, (anonymously)Ill put my choice, too.

Hope to hear from you.

Ciao Coach G.

Posted on 07 Dec 2006 by coachgianni
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