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Emails after my article about the Blue Angels Show

When, 2 weeks ago, I published my article: Do you really believe that because you don’t pay the ticket, the Blue Angels’ show is FOR FREE? I already knew that it was a ‘courageous’ initiative. Here are a few reactions with my comments in bold:


Thanks, coach.

I was living in Italy in 1998 when the accident happened. It was an avoidable tragedy.

hugo zuniga

(Coach G) Thanks Hugo


Hi Coach,

It is because of the US Military, and yes the Blue Angels that you have the freedom to rant against them. The Blue Angels are an awe-inspiring demonstration of what we in the US can do. They are worth every penny, every bit of so-called pollution, every drop of gasoline, and every bit of danger. You would do best by sticking to soccer.

Regards, Kathleen Rose

(Coach G.)I wonder if you would be saying this if, when the tragedy happens, it's on the roof of your home. In that case, I hope that your home is very isolated so, no others will pay for the ’every bit of danger.’
I strongly suggest, if the US wants to show what it can do, to do it in the sky over Afghanistan looking for Osama Bin Laden and not in the sky over San Francisco.
By the way, this is very ’sticking’ to youth soccer, even if you can’t see how.

(This below, is her email in response to my above.)

Hi Coach,

Many things in daily life are way more dangerous than some Blue Angels flying overhead. In fact soccer goals are far more dangerous. The Blue Angels have never killed a spectator, but soccer goals between 1979-1993 killed 18 kids. Probably more since then. No, you just seem to want to rant against the US Military - how San Francisco of you. Sure, it is your right, but it doesn't IMHO help youth soccer.

(Coach G.) If after having read my article, your only conclusion, is that I’m against the US Military, I can only give up on you! About the kids, remember that PARENTS, and the absurd way that soccer is sometimes organized in the US, killed them, not soccer as a sport by itself. By the way, I can’t see how something that doesn’t move, like a soccer goal, can kill someone.


Coach G,

You realize your going to get some different point of views on your Blue Angels rant...right?

I am emailing my strong support of your opinion. Go Gianni Go! I appreciate your point of view, your voracity and your courage to speak out.

It is completely and totally unnecessary to put citizens in unnecessary jeopardy, to waste so much money, and natural resources (fuel). The money alone spent to showcase the mighty power, pomp and circumstance of our military, which people share different opinions about, could be better used for the desperate need to build or fund schools, school programs (such as athletics, music and art).

Rock on, Gianni!

Dan de Serpa

(Coach G.) Thanks very much, Dan. As you can read above, we are far away from solving the problem!


Dear Coach,

I agree with you on this. Have you considered starting an email petition to be sent to the Mayor and Board of Supes demanding that permission for the air show be rescinded? Thanks for reminding us of the dangers of something many of us have become complacent about.

Lauren Tom

(Coach G.) Thanks Lauren,

For ‘seeing’ and ‘listening’ and not only ‘looking’ and ‘hearing’! I’ll think about the petition when it gets closer to next year's ‘FREE SHOW’!


Coach, I'm in your corner on this one for I detest making a spectacle
out of these weapons of terror and mass destruction. Unfortunately, many
people are awed at the high tech show they put on instead of looking
critically at the unnecessary dangers and costs associated with this
event. It's another said statement of the society we live in.

Coach Carlos


So, here are a few. Many others wrote, in favor or against. Some were very interesting but to long, some, let’s just say……………better not to reprint them!

Coach Gianni

Posted on 08 Nov 2006 by coachgianni
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