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Do you really believe that because you don’t pay the ticket, the Blue Angels’ show is FOR FREE?

I was coaching and teaching soccer in the Presidio, during the ‘practices’ of the Blue Angels above San Francisco, the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

The noise was so loud that I couldn’t be heard from a few yards away! There are many different ways of polluting. Apart from filling the air with toxic emissions, that all of us breath just by looking up with OUR NOSE BETWEEN OUR EYES, there is unbelievable ‘sound pollution’ that is clearly above the decibel level that our ears can tolerate without damage.

And there were only 2 jets using alternating routes. Imagine when the whole group ‘performs’ the free show.


Do you really believe that because you don’t pay the ticket, the ’show’ is for free?

-Do you have the vaguest idea how dangerous the noise of these jets is for your ears?
-Do you have the vaguest idea how much fuel these jets THROW AWAY in 1 hour of the ‘free show’? Just 1, uses more gas that you will ever use in your car for the rest of YOUR LIFE! And you, (unfortunately me too) PAY FOR THAT GASOLINE. Lets forget for the moment, how many millions of dollars those jets cost! And it’s not like our gasoline. It’s much more expensive because it’s for a special engine!
-Do you ever consider that, by passing just 50 yards above the cables in the middle of the Golden Bay Bridge, there are incredible sound vibrations that DEEPLY AFFECT the cables and put the structure of the bridge in danger?
Do you ever consider that the people who drive their cars on the bridge, could be distracted or scared by seeing these ’rockets’ come almost straight at them? If they just look for a second and maybe the car in front of them slows down a little, because the driver gets scared, they could have a collision. Remember that there are no guard rails in the middle of the 2 directions of traffic. Can you imagine if a car went to the opposite side? After having seen all the ‘spectacular’ American movies full of car collisions for the enjoyment of the spectators, I imagine that you can!

And up to now, I’ve only pointed out some minor problems.

-Have you ever considered that one of these jets could CRASH in the city? I think that all of you have a really clear idea what would happen if a plane crashed into a building!!!!!! Do you remember …………THAT CRASH?
-What about, if 2 airplanes collided? It wouldn’t be the first time and for sure wouldn’t be the last! It happens every year all over the world during other ‘free shows“. Does this have to happen above the heads of tens of thousand of spectators? When this happens, and sooner or later IT WILL HAPPEN (because it’s already happened, just not here!) who will pay the consequences? MORALLY? As usual, no one! RESPONSIBILITY? As usual, no one! Air Force? Surely not! The Mayor who gave the permission? Surely not! Let’s forget ‘morally’, who will pay ECONOMICALLY? You don’t get it yet?


Do you have the vaguest idea how many hundreds of millions of dollars it would cost US, beside the costs in lives, if just 1 of these jets crashed in the City? Can you imagine the fires, that for sure would be generated, burning out dozens of blocks???

How is it possible that a civilized society permits this absurdity in the sky over a city as crowded as San Francisco that is compressed into the head of a peninsula, plus the tens of thousands of people that come from outside to see this, supposedly, FREE SHOW?

I don’t want to be a Cassandra, but this is an announced tragedy. It’s only a matter of time and everyone with a minimum of good sense will do everything to PROHIBIT IT instead of clapping their hands and saying: ”OOOOOOH!”, when these potential instruments of death pass above their noses!

We watch with our eyes but we see with our brain.
We hear with our ears but we listen with our brain.

IT’S TIME TO SEE AND LISTEN WITH OUR BRAINS! Use your brain not you eyes and ears!

When I was still living in Italy, 2 of these ‘very courageous’ pilots, the ‘top guns’, because they liked to play with their toys, graciously paid by us, wanted to show how courageous they were. So, without clearly having the authorization and the permission to do that, decided to pass UNDER THE CABLE of a cable-railway in the Northern Italy mountains.

They didn’t even realize it in the moment, but unfortunately, by playing like ‘stupid grown up kids’, the tail of one of the airplanes CUT the cable and 35 people, who were enjoying their vacations, DIED! Many kids died because 2 grown up ‘kids’ were playing with their lives!

What did the American Air Force do after that? Nothing. And the American Government? Nothing. Italy was even forbidden to act against these 2 ‘heroes’ and bring them to an Italian court and pay the consequence of their multi homicides! The murder in first degree of 35 human beings who went skiing with their sons and daughters!

Maybe for all of you, it could be just an accident. If you son or daughter was on vacation in Italy that day, and was in that cable-railway car, maybe you would have a different feeling about this FREE SHOW that happens a few dozens of yards above the Golden Gate Bridge.

Oh. I forgot. The most courageous of these ‘heroes’ even passes UNDER the bridge! I know. They are the Blue Angels. To be honest, I would like for my kids to have a different kind of heroes and angels, whatever color they might be.

I would like to see recognized the work of other ’angels’ that try to find a home for the thousand homeless, that our city pretends not to see. These ’angels’ give their time, their passion, their money to put food on the table and give a decent place to sleep, that‘s not in some dark corner outside.

They don’t judge, they don’t ask why these homeless have lost faith in life, family and all the values that make a life something that deserves to be lived!

They don’t judge but……………….I can! I’m not an angel like them. So, with only one hour of this absurd and deadly show, the lives of a few thousand people could be much better or, let’s just say, a little less hard.

Anyway…………………………… enjoy the show next year. Is for free!

P.S. Just walking home from the Presidio, some normal people here and there were saying: ”My God. Do they have to do that?” So, there is some hope!

Coach Gianni

Posted on 26 Oct 2006 by coachgianni
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