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College Life/Soccer Life. By one of my ex-soccer students

One of my soccer students went away to college. When we said good-bye, I asked him to keep me informed. He promised to send news letters periodically, that I will reprint in my news letters. I think that could be useful for the families that have their sons away for the first time or for the other youth men and youth women that, maybe next year will go to college. Thereís no reason to put his name and I took away what was strictly personal. What is important is his experience!


Dear Coach Gianni,

Hope all is well with you and your wife. Sorry itís taken me so long to write with news but its been so hectic here I havenít had much time. The campus is beautiful, and I cannot wait for the snow to come! I arrived on the 17th of August, had a week of double sessions with the team. Fitness and skill in the morning a long with 3v3 6v6 and 8v8 and then in the afternoon session we played full field and worked on strategy and set pieces.

On August 25th we had a 4, 35 minute tournament style games against both MIT and Bryant College. we played pretty well and all of the freshmen played a lot so our coach see how we played alongside his team. He's been playing me as a right mid, and once he put me up as a forward and I made an assist!! Iím number 6, I know it doesnít mean a lot to some ppl but my dream of finally being here in college, representing the west coast with SF, CALIFORNIA on the roster, means so much. Iíve made it.

Oh and by the way I ran the 2 mile in 11:17 so I was fine with that. I knew the fact that if I didnít make it I wouldnít be on the team was a huge motivator. So far no injuries, had some cramps at training camp but those are over with now.

Now on to the more important thing as my mom likes to say. lovely academics. I knew I would like college classes because unlike high school you really get to choose what you want to study. you get to learn what you want, and you have all the pieces layed out, you just have to figure out how to put them all together. I just got back from my English/writing class. Monday, Wed, Fri I have: english/psychology/french. Tuesday, Thursday I have: Philosophy/intro to web design. Iím liking all of them right now, the homework hasnít been too bad, but its really about time management.

Iíve definitely been to a bunch of the parties already at the soccer house and what not, but I have also denied going out to finish work and get ahead in some of my other classes. it just feels good to be ahead anyways and some nights are just nice to study, watch a movie and get to sleep early.

My roommate and I got along right from the start so that wasnít something I had to worry about. he is from Madison, Connecticut. he surfs and heís going to teach me so I can fill in the stereotype of cal surfers. haha. We have a double room which is nice because a lot of the people around us have double rooms but forved triples because so many ppl applied this year. Our dorm is all freshmen and is nice because there are so many people in it. if one of us is in the room, we just leave our door open and you are bound to make at least 4 new friends each hour. its so social I love it!

I will write more news later but right now I have time to do some work. my roommate just left to go to his econ class and wont be back till later tonight after he has dinner with his grandparents so it looks like I got the fort to myself!

Hope all is well, Call or write if you get the chance.


I always had the desire to have a son, but I had only daughters, aside from my son in law, and to receive this email, give me a great joy, without forgetting that he his a great soccer student and very talented!

Coach Gianni

Posted on 02 Oct 2006 by coachgianni
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