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The sport of hurling!!! From Peter.

My name is Peter. I am an Irish student, working here in San
Francisco for the Summer months. I play every Sunday in Beach
Chalet, Golden Gate Park for my team, Bay City Rovers.
I have been recieving your newsletter for some time now...ever
since I decided I wanted to come here for the Summer.

Your latest newsletter intriuged me, as it is always interesting
to get someone else's insight on your own country, and as the
insight was in such depth. it made for great reading.
I myself am from Carrick on Suir, County Tipperary, roughly
about 10 miles from Kilcash, where you were staying.
Carrick on Suir borders Tipperary and Waterford, with the river
Suir being the border. The Kilkenny border is just 5 miles east,
so there is a mixture of people from the three counties in the town. Therefore the rivalry is, as you can imagine pretty intense.
It pleases me to hear you had such a good time in my home region,
which I miss, as I have been here in San Francisco since early June.

These "majestic, unbelievable, immense, balanced stones" you
speak of are called "Portal Dolmens." They are quite unbelieveble
to look at, but do not go crazy trying to explain how they were made.
I is simple... The Irish are made of stronger stuff than the rest of
the people in the world!

I am glad to hear you took so much enjoyment from our natural
heritage, and our national games also. Carrick on Suir is a hurling stronghold, and my club will play in the Tipperary County under 21
final in 2 weeks.
If I was home, maybe I would be part of this team?..
I brought my hurley (stick) and sliotar (hurling ball) with me to San Francisco as it is a good way of passing the time, knocking the ball
off a wall, keeping what first touch I have intact.
I am flying home in mid-September, and I fear I may have to leave
my hurley here, due to luggage space and/or tighter airport

If you want it, just let me know. To confirm for you, Kilkenny did
win in the other semi-final and will face Cork in the All Ireland Final
on the second (I think) Sunday in September. Being from Tipperary,
it is difficult to say who I hope to win...I hope they both lose!!
I would strongly advise you to go to a venue where the match is
being shown on satellite, as the All Ireland Final is a sporting
spectacle, in my opinion, possibly the most passionate sporting
event on earth...The Irish SuperBowl!

Again, it is incredible for me to hear how much someone enjoyed
our national game so much. It is indeed, the "Sport of Kings".
We also play Gaelic football, which is a little more like soccer, in that
the ball is basically the same as a soccer ball. The goalposts are
the same as in hurling.

The main difference between soccer and gaelic football is that
players may only take 4 steps with the ball in hand, then they
must "solo" the ball, which is like doing a "keep up" with a soccer ball.
It is also a lot more physical. A "man's" game..!?!

Anyway, I hope you read this, and even though you technichally
are a Kilkenny fan, I wish you al the best.

Posted on 24 Aug 2006 by coachgianni
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