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Besides soccer, the greatest misunderstanding of the new generations

In our society, from their point of view, the new generation have a lot of examples to follow. Letís forget scientists, writers, great politicians, theater actors, classic ballet, chorus, orchestras and everything that, in general, could make them better people.

Lets consider, ONLY, many of their idols like, sports superstars, rock superstars, rappers, top models, TV stars, move stars, magazine stars, web stars, alligator and crocodile hunters, snake hunters, and so on.

What they really miss, is the enormous effort that these people make to become leaders in their fields.

Sports Superstars? These athletes work 8 hours a day, to put a ball in a basket from 30 yards away or battle in the area, while someone else, accidentally, could hit them with the elbow in the stomach or on the face, if not in their eyes!

Others are able, just using their hands, to send a ball more than 90 miles per hour, with a spin that makes the ball have a bend trajectory, making it almost impossible to hit it with the bat. Other athletes, considering the difficulty, are able to calculate the spin and hit that ball with a bat and send it 300 yards away, out of the stadium.
Other athletes are able to jump on a wall and catch the ball before it falls on the ground.

In an another sport, some athletes are able to resist a charge or avoid men as big as refrigerators, stay focused and send a ball 50/60 yards away, straight in the hands of others athletes that run away like rockets. Those other athletes, are able to run at a speed that could permit them to win a medal at the Olympic Games, for 5/6 seconds, then turn and, avoiding the players that mark them, catch the ball sent to them a few seconds before.

In an another sport, athletes are able to hit a ball with a racket and send it to the corner of a square on the ground beyond a net, just missing the net by an inch, with a speed of 120 miles per hour! At the other side of the net, other athletes are able to realize in a fraction of a second, where the ball will land and often, are able to send it back!

Rock Superstars, singers, instrument players or rappers? All of the best guitar players, come out from the conservatory and have studied music for 10 years, 8 hours a day. Joe Satriani, practices 8/10 hours a day and he is one of the best guitars players in the world.
Rock singers, practice 5/6 hours a day to keep their voices strong and trained to perform for 2/3 consecutive months every night and maybe some afternoons.
Rappers? They are the modern poets. Their lyrics, for many people could appear obscure, but they are the fruits of years of life, just observing us and our behavior, and after years these observations become endless poems, that sometimes are too hard to understand.

Top Models? Do the new generations have the vaguest idea what it means to keep-up those statuesque bodies? How many sacrifices do they have to make in eating less than nothing, sleeping enough not to destroy their beautiful faces and learn to walk in a strait line 2 inches wide, without move their head a millimeter? Being always ready to go to Paris, London, Milano, Florence, in the blink of an eye and be ready, professional, charming and lovely, after having slept on an airplane and not knowing anymore if itís day or night for months, without a day of rest? Not to mention their workout routines.

And this is the same for TV stars, movie stars, magazine stars, web stars, alligator and crocodile hunters, snake hunters, and so on.

What does the new generation understand about this? How much are they aware of this endless studying, exercising, performing, sacrifices, concentration, repetitions, discipline, diets, travels?


The only thing that they know is what they see, in the stadiums, at the movies, in concerts, in magazines, TV or computers. Not only. The only thing that stays and remains in their eyes, is the way of these people, LOOK.

Beautiful body, beautiful legs, faces and extravagant dress and style. They donít understand that is the fruit of endless daily work to stay like that, in the gym, in the auditoriums, in the stadiums, on the sets or in the studios and AFTER, DRESS AND LOOK IN A CERTAIN WAY.

The only thing that reaches them is the way they LOOK.

So, they try to look like them by dressing like them, behaving like them, making-up like them, moving like them and trying to seem like them.

They believe that looking like them is what could make them, like them. They donít understand that the look is the final stage or step of the endless and hard daily work. They just look like them so, they are like them.

Thinking like that, just being white, black, yellow or red, for them is a point of arrival for being cool and not the beginning of the journey that lasts a lifetime! They donít understand that being white, black, yellow or red is the starting point to be someone, not the point of arrival!

This is the greatest misunderstanding in the new generation who live by exteriority, convinced that looking like their idols, make them like them, skipping all the sacrifice that their idols make 5/8/10 hours every day to be like that. Good like that.

Our generation believes that wearing the same polo as Tiger, the same shoes as Koby, using the same bat as Barry, the same ball as Ronaldinho, making the same movements with the guitar, wearing the same pants as a rapper, having the same make-up as a cover-girl, talking like them or having the same color skin as their idols, they are automatically like them.

What we can do to change all of this?

I have the answer, but unfortunately, in our country, it would be politically incorrect so, please donít ask!

Coach Gianni

Posted on 15 Aug 2006 by coachgianni
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