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The never ending story of the Italian’s penalty kick against Australia.

Whatever happens in soccer is O.K. unless it involves Italy. At that point everyone is entitled to say something about it.

The whole world saw Shevchenko, TRIP BY HIMSELF with no one touching him, fall on the ground and have an unbelievable penalty in favor for Ukraine. Did anyone say anything? Not a word!

So, lets analyze what happened, with a little of detachment, in the Italy-Australia game :

-The Italian defender Grosso, played a great and very demanding game, running back and forth for 93 minutes until that ’dramatic’ action at the end of the game.
-Can we say that in that moment he was exhausted? I think so! After the immense effort of recuperating the ball and being able to enter in the area, even a little contact would make him fall on the ground.
-The Australian defender that was on the ground in front of him, did everything he could to prohibit him from continuing his run toward the Australian goal.
-In doing what? Trying in anyway to come up from the ground. He raised his shoulder and in particular his elbow, exactly in front of Grosso’s knee, while he was trying to jump over him.
-I understand that who has never played soccer at a high level in his or her life, could think that Grosso tripped on purpose into the elbow of the Australian player that obstructed his path toward the goal, but I can honestly say that for sure he would have preferred to continue his effort and pass the ball in the middle, instead of collapsing on the ground. In that fraction of a second, with all the fatigue in the world in his brain, there is not a chance to act the way that anyone accused him: diving! In your mind there is only one thought: keep going and try to score or give the right assist.

Anyway, this is only my opinion, based not only on what I saw in the replay, but based on my experience of 50 years on the soccer field.

What put that episode under the microscope, was the fact that it was the last minute of the game and through that penalty Australia went home, without a chance to fight back. That was the real reason that provoked all the talking. If that episode was in the middle of the first half, for sure the impact of the referee’s decision would have been much less important. So as a soccer guy, I perfectly understand the frustration of the Australians but they, and everyone, tend to forget that Italy played in 10 against 11 for a good amount of time. The Australians can blame only themselves if they weren’t able to score in a numeric superiority! It simply ridiculous that the Australian coach said that we were concentrated only in defending the 0-0. What is a team supposed to do in 10 against 11, if not try to reach the end of the game 0-0, hoping to win on the final penalty kicks?

What really makes me sad is this continuous thinking in stereotypes, so the Italian players pretend to fall when they are in the penalty area. I saw all the games, and I can honestly say that I saw unbelievable actors on every team and rarely among the Italians.

Just to change the subject, but stay connect with stereotypes, everyone is convinced that the Italian trains are always late. Sometimes it happens, but not like the ‘legend’ attest!

On Father’s Day, my wife went to Portland (Oregon) to visit her father leaving from Emeryville. Do you know how late the Am Track train was at the arrival? 5 and 1/2 half hours! Do you think that was an exception? Wrong. On the return, the train was 6 HOURS LATE!!!!! This means that it’s always like that.

The curious aspect is that if this happened in Italy, by law you get your money back IMMEDIATELY just by showing the ticket at the arrival station. Here, when my wife called Am Track to complain, waiting 25 MINUTES ON THE TELEPHONE!!! until someone answered they said that she can have a voucher for the price of her ticket valid for 1 year. Considering that this is the first time in her life she took a train and probably the last time, she can clearly say good-bye to her $450 and thanks a lot for using Am Track!

Considering the scandal about referee corruption in Italy, I’m really surprised that no one has yet had the courage to say that we paid the Spanish referee.

Even more, considering that the referee of France-Spain was Italian, I’m surprise that no one has yet underlined that Rossetti, gave the penalty to Spain to say thanks for the penalty against Australia given by the Spanish referee.

No one………………………..YET! Lets wait a little and we’ll see.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 12 Jul 2006 by coachgianni
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