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Shame on you Andriy

Andriy Shevchenko says good-bye to A.C. Milan. Only few weeks ago he said "I'll never leave A.C.Milan. This team is like a family to me."

The mega-billionaire Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea, in the last years tried everyday to bring Shevchenko to his team. It's totally correct and understandable. Who wouldn't want a player like him on his team? Who wouldn't want, for example, Ronaldinho or Hanry? But they stay on Barcelona and Arsenal!

Anyway, I can accept that after a certain number of years a player likes to change teams. For sure a 'good raise' of millions of euros helps a lot when making a 'suffered decision'!

What is unacceptable is the reason Shevchenko gave to the millions of A.C.Milan fans and to the Club. Here are his words:" I have decided with my wife for the good of our family. I don't speak English. My wife doesn't speak Ukraine, the language that we have in commune is Italian, but the only way that we have to make our children understand how much we love them is the English language."

So, aside the nonsense of saying to his children "I love you" in English to make them feel loved, instead of learning English in Milano, Italy, that takes less than a few months, he goes to London, playing for Chelsea, paid his weight in gold by Mr. Abramovich, to learn English so he can tell his children, how much he loves them!

I think that to say HOW MUCH I LOVE TO MAKE MORE MONEY, would have been a little more appropriate, instead of hiding behind love for his children.

Shame on you Andriy!

Coach Gianni
Posted on 06 Jun 2006 by coachgianni
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