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From Coach Hervi Rualo (CYSA Instructor) about the "soccer field"
Hi Coach Gianni,

Great article on the " Soccer Field " !

I tell my players that some of the most memorable event that will
ever happen in their lives will happen on the soccer field.
Something that people will always remember them by forever.

The problem I have is that " I don't think that players in this part of
the world " understand what I mean by this.

Coach Hervi

Hi Teacher,

Like always you are absolutely right. But we have an advantage. We saw it when we were kids in our Countries so, we know it by direct experience. We need to transfer our experience to them, in teaching, by showing them the right games on tape or live. Maybe we can organize trips to the right Countries to show them the 'real' magic of soccer.

When I say we, I'm referring to the various Youth Federations that have the power to make arrangements with other Federations in these Countries.

In any case, the next World Cup, would be the perfect event to promote soccer at the highest level. I hope that the US Team will have a good performance so, the attention of the media will be on them. If they can reach the quarter final or even the semi-final, the TV networks and the news paper for sure will be forced to give more space to soccer.

Ciao from your grateful student,

Posted on 24 Apr 2006 by coachgianni
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