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SportsVideo. A great idea to show your kid's skills.

Like I said, for a talented player it is fundamental to play at the highest level possible by the time he is 17/18. To do this in the correct environment, he needs to enter, at a very young age, on of the youth teams of a professional team, where he will grow correctly and, if in growing he keeps getting better, become a professional player.

Very often, without dreaming to much, parents need to show the characteristics of their sons and daughters to the coaching staff of a future possible team.

This email that I received from SportsVideo, could very well solve this need.


Dear Coach Gianni,

Would you please accept our email flyer on behalf of your young soccer

With soccer becoming increasingly competitive, it is important that
serious athletes are seen by coaches, scouts, and prospective teams here and abroad.

SportsVideo introduces your young athletes in the most productive and
efficient way to coaches who do not have time to sit through hours of
game footage to assess a player’s skills.

SportsVideo starts by taking any already existing footage and, when
necessary, adds new footage, or simply films current activities. When
all material is collected, we do the most important part of our
job intelligently and efficiently edit to a 5-15 minute reel of highlights
and strengths.

SportsVideo then completes the project with smooth communicative graphics to create a presentation on media of your choice (DVD, CD, tape, bipod) that will be hard for any coach to ignore.

SportsVideo are videographers who are also experienced players and
coaches. We are passionate about the game and about success.

We do hope you will be kind enough to show the attached flyer to those
you feel would most benefit.

Please feel free to call or email us for any additional information you
may need. We will be pleased to show you resumes, testimonials, and samples of our work.

Yours, in futbol brotherhood,

Ian Micklewright

Posted on 29 Mar 2006 by coachgianni
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