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Fred about George Best and Philip Burton

Hey coach. Two minor things:

First, for your newsletter, I saw yesterday on FSC that the Belfast City Airport is being officially renamed after George Best on May 22. I went online to get confirmation on this, and sure enough, it's true:

My father is from Belfast, and he tells me that Best is quite revered in Northern Ireland among both Catholics and Protestants ... football is one thing that cut accross religious lines.

I can't think of any other football star (or any athlete?) given a similar honor. Stadiums yes, but airports? :-)

Second, I imagine other people have gotten back to you, but I looked up Congressman Philip Burton's quote. The full quote is "The only way to deal with exploiters is to terrorize the bastards." Maybe that's why they left it hidden. :-)

Thanks for the newsletter. Keep it coming.

-- Fred Bunting

Posted on 24 Mar 2006 by coachgianni
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