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iPod comment from Marcelo

Nice point of view coach!

I agree that kids don't have fun anymore. I remember when i was a kid....3 months of vacation in the summer was not enough for me...i played soccer, build tree houses with other kids in the neiborhood, catched bugs, . etc etc...I wanted more time playing outside. Nowadays put any kid for 3 months at home or their neiborhood and they go crazy (kids get bored so fast).

Part of it is our technology...too many cool toys out game, iPods etc. Nothing we can really do about it, the economy is a stronger force, one way or the other we'll buy those things for them.

Overprotective parents are also a problem these days, kids seem restrained and that affects their creativity. Safety is good and necesary but some parents exagerate.

We and our kids and our culture has changed so much that I doubt there is anything significant that we can do to change it.

At least we still have soccer and other sports....but nowadays that has also become very competitive and structured....i miss the casual, daily soccer on the streets or on the beach....which built real sportmanship and skills. Hope things get better out there but I am not very optimistic lately.


Thanks Marcelo for your testimonial.

About playing outside, it was the same for me in Milano (Italy). My mom had to come to bring me home otherwise, we would have played outside until dark.

You say kids get crazy 3 months at home? Let's say 3 hours! When we played, generally we built our toys. That was part of the fun. I remember that LEGO was a box with all the peaces and a general book with dozens of different constructions to do. When we wanted to do a different construction, we tore apart one and with the same pieces, we built something else. Today, the boxes are for building one toy only. They don't know how restart and do something else with the same pieces. Something new that is not in the instructions. That way, they've totally lost the pleasure to invent.

Inventing is fun. Executing is boring!

Dear Marcelo, we need to find the courage to say that we have a great sense of guilt for not passing enough time with them. That's why we buy them all this stuff.

The best gift that we can give to them, is our time. This will surely change the tendency.

You ended your email saying: “I am not very optimistic lately“. I'm not very optimistic either. Not because I don't believe in the kids or technology. I don't believe that parents have the desire and the time to make things work better.

Coach Gianni

Posted on 24 Feb 2006 by coachgianni
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