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More sports, maybe soccer, and less iPod!

Kids are getting deaf with the iPod.

Doctors and pediatricians have sounded the alarm. The number of kids with hearing problems has been raised enormously. The cause is the constant bombardment of decibels. In the American hospitals kids show damage that usually doesn’t appear before 50 years old.

Recently, the famous guitar player Pete Townshend, from the ‘Who’, denounced the problem to the new generation, in saying that he lost his hearing by using headphones for many hours during the recording sessions.

Research shows that an mp3 shoots sound at 115 decibels straight into the ear from the headphone. The equivalent of a JACKHAMMER in very close action. But on the contrary to the workers, who use headphones to defend themselves, the youths use headphones to damage their hearing.

The problem began with the walkman in the 80’s, but fortunately the batteries didn’t have a long life and in 30 minutes they were dead. Today’s technology gives us almost an unlimited autonomy of the batteries and the ‘damn’ box can store more than 1000 songs.

This brings us to a question. Kids are so busy that they can barely find time to do anything. How can they find 3 or 4 hours a day to listen to music at a jackhammer level of decibels?

There could be two explanations:

-They’re ‘busy’ just listening to music
-They listen to music when they’re ‘busy’ doing something else

If it’s the first explanation, maybe it’s time to give them something more useful to do, not necessarily homework. They could practice more sports.
If the explanation is the second, don’t let them listen to music with the headphones when they’re doing something else.

It seems to me that THEY LIVE WITH THE HEADPHONES IN PLACE! When they walk, when they eat, when they study, when they travel in the car, etc., etc. It has become part of their ears!

This is a big problem.

Centers like the House Ear Institute of Los Angeles or the Children’s Hospital of Chicago are very concerned about the problem. Even the company that produces these ’damn’ boxes are aware of the risk and have begun to study new products that can give good quality sound at a lower level of decibels.

But other companies won’t give up. Oalkey proposes a pair of sunglasses that already have earphones and mp3 incorporated so you don’t have to go around with the ‘damn’ box and wires that go to your ears.
Levis will modify their jeans to allow you to place your mp3 into a little pocket to the right. Very soon they will be selling jeans that will have a system of headphones incorporated, letting you connect your iPod and leaving the headphones at home.

Cost? Only $200! Two hundred dollars for a pair of jeans? Instead of giving our ears a break, we’re studying ways of listening to music CONSTANTLY.

Why? I have my convictions.

Our kids live a reality that they don’t like. So, the best way is to go OUT of reality through video games and music. And we help them.

When we travel, it’s much better to leave them OUT of reality, instead of constantly hearing, “Are we there, yet?” from the moment we leave.

I think it’s time to go back to, “Are we there yet?”, and talk with our kids. They’re not boxes that we move around from home to school, sports fields, vacation homes, supermarkets, movie theaters and so on. They’re little men and little women who, through an intelligent conversation, will become men and women!

In conclusion, more sports, maybe soccer, more talking about sports, life, various interests like going to a museum, or a play, or a ballet, or an interesting restaurant where they can learn to eat something better than hot dogs or mac and cheese, or simple walk around our ‘magic’ city and, leaving at home the cars and iPods, look around. Every step you’ll see something interesting that you’ve never seen before, buried in your SUV, talking on the cell phone, while your son or daughter looses his hearing being bombarded by 115 decibels of the miniaturized JACKHAMMER that goes straight to their brains and keeps them out of a reality that, to be honest, is not really interesting.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 22 Feb 2006 by coachgianni
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