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Teaching Youth Soccer in a Holiday Country?

Being a crazy Italian, I had the crazy idea of teaching soccer to boys and girls. When I say teach, I mean learning to trap, pass, turn, juggle, kick and so on, all the things that CAN’T BE LEARNED DURING A SHORT SOCCER SEASON, at team practice.

Being that they are so busy during the week (!!!), I chose Saturday and rented the YMCA gym for 6 months.

But after a couple of weeks of intense and stressful Christmas vacation, the first week of January kids need to rest! The second week, being that Monday the 16th is Martin Luther King day, the whole family, after the 2 famous weeks of Christmas stress, needs to go on vacation for 3 days, and 2 Saturday lessons are already gone.

Life goes on for a couple of weeks until President Washington’s birthday. Not to be unfair to the other Presidents and to our flag, let’s take a week and call it President’s week instead of having 1 or 2 days off. Obviously the weekend before and after, being connected with the Presidents, transforms the original 1 day into 9 consecutive days, canceling out 2 other possible Saturday lessons.

The good part comes in March. The first week, Thurs. and Fri., no school for parent-teacher meetings and being 4 days with Saturday and Sunday, let’s schedule the meeting early in the morning on Thursday and ‘good-bye’ for 4 days. After that, because the kids are stressed from their busy schedules, let’s have a couple of weeks of spring break. And because having Spring Break in the private and public schools at the same time is illogical, let’s have the Spring Break for the private schools in April! Naturally starting on Friday, why on Saturday? Minimum 3, if not 4 Saturday lessons are gone.

Don’t forget Easter Monday. Why celebrate it during the weekend? There’s Monday football, why not Monday Easter? Even in this month, ‘good-bye’ to a couple of lessons.

Coming to May, we have Cinco de Mayo, which of course falls on Friday. Even though we’re in California and it’s a Mexican holiday, how can you go to work in an ex-Mexican country? Don’t forget that for many it’s not even ‘ex‘. So, to commemorate the Battle of Puebla, everybody home and let’s do a ‘Track Meet Day’ and have a 3 day weekend.

We come to the Monday of Memorial Day and, so as to be sure to have time to remember, let’s start the Friday before. Another 4 day weekend to go to some fun place just to ‘remember’, possibly skiing. Forget 2 other Saturday lessons.

After this nightmare of school-rest, school-rest, at the beginning of June, let’s finish school and for 3 months, don’t even talk about it until mid-September! And when we go back after a few months, please let’s do it on Thursday, so it’s only for a couple of days, just enough time to ask friends about their vacations and have a weekend to get over the shock of going back to school.

But from the next Monday, let’s be serious for a few weeks. The Holidays are getting close and it’s better to show some good attitude at school. You never know. Let’s have only a couple of days of parent-teacher meetings, the famous few minutes on Thursday morning and …………………… GO!!! We have 4 days of vacation.

Thanksgiving, 23d of November. Thursday. Wow, Thursday, let’s see. Why don’t we add Wednesday, just to make the week nonsensical. Sat/Sun weekend. Mon/Tues school. Wed/Thurs Holiday. Fri school. What nonsense. Let’s have 9 days straight and good-bye to everyone. “You know, my family lives very far away so, I NEED TO LEAVE for 1 week!”

And POW! In the blink of an eye it’s Christmas break again, starting on Friday the 15th, of course. Why lose a day when we have ONLY 17 DAYS OF BREAK? Poor kids!

Let’s recapitulate. 365 days, less 104 Saturdays and Sundays, is 251, less 3 months vacation is 161, less 17 days of Christmas break is 144, less President’s week, 139, less 4 days of Parent-Teacher meetings, 135, less Spring Break, 125, less 5 in which surely something will happen, is 120.

120 days are 4 months! Four months is 33% of the year. How do we expect them to become the next heads of our country if they’re on holiday for 66% of the time? EIGHT MONTHS!!!!

It’s surprising that, forget about soccer, they aren’t little more than illiterate!

But there is even more scary data about adults. 365 less 104 is 251, 30 days of various holidays leads to 221. This is around 60% of the year. Are we really sure that in 60% of the time we can make enough money to live, that 60% of the time, and enjoy 40% of holiday time?

They are 144 days in which you’re supposed to spend money without making it! I have the sensation that there’s something missing in the economy of our society. To be precise it is people who go to work and kids who go to school, a little more OFTEN!

That way, kids, aside from playing basketball, baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, having swimming, piano, guitar, violin, cello, dance and horseback riding lessons, maybe, can have a soccer lesson, too.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 06 Feb 2006 by coachgianni
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