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Actualizing the laws of soccer.

In all fields of modern society, everything advances very quickly. Sports are not an exception. New technology and a better knowledge of the human body, permits us to enhance speed, strength, strategy and performance.

In every sport, the laws are constantly upgraded to keep up with advancements and make the 'show' more enjoyable and modern, by avoiding possible mistakes from referees and umpires.

The improvement of speed, forces them to make decisions in fractions of a second and often determines the winning or the loosing of a game. This could mean winning the Season, the Championship or even the World Cup or Gold Medals at the Olympic Games.

How is it possible that episodes seen by hundreds of millions of spectators on TV, from dozens of different angles in slow motion, are judged on the field in a fraction of a second, from the wrong angle, maybe with the view covered by a few players, from far away?
How can a referee make such a decision without electronic support?

Coming to soccer, how can he decide if a ball, shot like a missile under the crossbar, rebounds on the ground in or out of the goal line?
How can he judge an off-side of a few inches, after a pass made from 30 yards away?

As I said, any spectator at home, AFTER the action is finished, can judge what is seen and replay it in slow motion and very often correct the impression they had during the action. It's happened to me too, and I have 50 years of experience.

Why don't we do in soccer what is done everyday in football or basketball when an action is not clear and the referees aren't able to give a sure call?
This is a mystery to me and I'm sure it's a mystery for millions of soccer supporters.

Why doesn't the Soccer Federation introduce electronics to help the referee?

Through my experience, I believe that FIFA is guided by persons who don't have an important soccer past and don't really understand how to make the game more in line with the times we live in. I just hope that really soon a new ruling body will take charge and bring a little logic and good sense to soccer too.

A more specific topic to bring to your attention is the 'off-side' rule. After one century, with the enormous improvement of speed and the development of the off-side trap, it's not actual anymore. Often, it provokes controversy that ruins the regular flow of the game, because the application of the law is connected with the interpretation of it's spirit. Don't you think it's time to revise the law?

Another aspect that constantly provokes bad feeling is the addition of injury time. It's always about the opinion of the referee. One minute, two, five, and it becomes a nightmare when one of the two teams scores in this added time. It's tested and proved that every half-time the play is active between 20/25 minutes in 45.

Why don't we introduce two halves of EFFECTIVE TIME of 30 minutes like other sports with the clock that stops every time the ball goes out or is not in play?

This simple rule, like in basketball, would avoid a lot of temptation, like:

-Making substitutions, with players who slowly walk through the whole field wasting precious minutes for the team that is losing.

-Standing in front of the ball when the opposing team has a free kick.
Hesitating to put the ball back into play every time it goes out.

Why arouse anger in the players and spectators, when instead we could stop the clock?

There are other dozens of improvements that could be introduced.
Maybe the readers can suggest some by writing to me at: I will put them together and publish them.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 30 Jan 2006 by coachgianni
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