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Soccer has to face this problem soon!

What’s the biggest problem that afflicts 1 American in 3?
The problem is, 1 weighs more than the other 2 put together!

It’s not just an exception that involves a few unlucky people unable to control themselves. It’s like an epidemic gone out of control.
We’ve come to the point that the world around us has to change to permit people just to pass or sit on airplanes, busses, cars and on and on.

Do you think I’m kidding?

The administration of the company that manages bus transportation in Chicago, ordered larger seats to substitute the existing ones.
They’re not ‘thinking’ about substituting them, they’ve already ordered them.
What the Chicago Transit Authority are ‘thinking’ about for the near future is, making LARGER BUSSES!

What’s worrisome is that in 2003, they already changed all the seats from 43.1 to 44.4 centimeters. Now, just 2 years later, the specialized company American Seating, won a contract to furnish seats of 45.7 cm!

The president of C.T.A., Frank Kruesi, very diplomatically said that they will do that because business is going well and they’d like to give a better service, but other sources in the company confessed to the Chicago Tribune, that the real reason is the average growth of the ‘back side’ of the clients!

The scary thing is that, instead of fighting the tendency to get obese, we just adapt!

Something similar, the fact that we just adapt, is happening in soccer, too.

Unfortunately, in the last year, an uncivilized phenomenon has taken place in many countries. During the performance of the National Anthem of the guest team, spectators boo. In response, the guest spectators boo back when the home team’s Anthem is performed.

What did the president of FIFA, Joseph Blatter, propose to eliminate this aberration? He suggested not playing the National Anthems anymore!
So, no Anthem, no booing. To solve the problem he wants to eliminate a tradition that has distinguished the international games for more than a century. Can you imagine the Super Bowl with no National Anthem before the game just because some idiot booed?

Following this proposal would surely lead to this:

Spectators boo Afro-American players? (it happens every game) Eliminate Afro-American players.
Spectators throw things on the field? Eliminate spectators.
Soccer provokes public disorder? Eliminate soccer. No, better, eliminate every sport.
And so on.

The air that we breath is polluted? Why spend billions to fix the problem? Following this way of thinking, instead of breathing every 5 seconds, we can breath every 10 seconds. That way, we can diminish the damage of pollution by 50%, without spending a dime!

What a solution. I’m a genius. I hope that no one in charge reads this because, maybe they’ll propose it for real.

So, getting back to obesity, we need to do something to correct the nutrition of the new generations.
Food companies have to stop offering us bigger proportions for the same price. That is the wrong promotion for having more clients. The right way is to promote QUALITY not QUANTITY.



MORE QUALITY IS BETTER! In every aspect of our lives. Food and people too!

Coach Gianni
Posted on 05 Jan 2006 by coachgianni
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