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about 'Invisible walls in San Francisco' from Carlos, Garen and Chip.
Hi Coach Gianni,

My name is Carlos Diaz I'm a personal trainer by trade, and a Foot-baller for life -Goalkeeper-Mexico.

I've been receiving your newsletter for the last few weeks, at first I thought this must be spamming and even thought of unsubscribing, but it kept interested for the most part in your personal points of view, being your latest article about invisible walls in San Francisco, which I hate to admit, but it is true. I've lived in the city for the last 13-14 years, and I've seen it everywhere I go, everywhere I've been to. On the other hand, a lot of people actually live in a constant cross-over, and pretty much don't mind to hang out with other peoples.

I've played the San Francisco soccer foot-ball league for about 13-14 seasons (1st and major divisions) and you get to see it there, some teams will only sign up players of their own culture and language, but you also get to see melting-potted teams that as it adjetive implies, are composed by different nacionalities, races, religions, etc. which is kind of cool.

I've played with and against guys from all over the world, I mean it!

If these type of walls are destined to be torn down, I really don't know exactly when this Big wall is goint to go down- at least here in Frisco- but what I can tell you is that it is up to every individual to do their part to come closer together. I, personally never imposed any walls to anybody but certainly other have interplaced walls in between Us. Ideology?, religion?, color of skin? name it, it's there.


Carlos Diaz


Hello Gianni,

I really liked your comments about invisible walls in SF. Myself as immigrant, SF resident, and homeowner (not citizen just yet) I see these walls everywhere. I never thought of it being as walls but your comparison and explanation are very graphical.

I would like to stop here because this is topic for very long conversation over grappa perhaps.

Good to hear and see those comments.


Hi Coach Gianni:

Great newsletter on the Invisible Walls.

Your newsletters on soccer/sports, personal responsibility/drive and individual participation on society are the bests.

Thanks for the hard work.


Posted on 14 Dec 2005 by coachgianni
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