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Keeping the Feet Moving by Coach Lawrence Fine

When watching a team train or play itís frequently easy to tell whether a team is going to be successful or not based on body language and footwork.

When I see players standing flatfooted, and completely upright itís a great indication that those players arenít prepared to succeed. When playerís feet are moving and their knees are bent, itís an indication they are ready to play and are truly into the game.

If, as a coach, your team is having a slow training session or game, encourage them to get their feet moving and all of a sudden you will see a sudden change in the pace of the play, they will play quicker, faster and better.

If you are a player and find yourself not involved in the play, get your feet moving, look for opportunities to move into space and you will be a better player and enjoy the game a lot more.

Coach Lawrence Fine

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Posted on 02 Dec 2005 by coachgianni
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