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From Ref. Karl Buden

Hello Gianni:

Thank you for having me on your distribution list for your soccer newsletter. While we've briefly met a few times when I refereed the games with Marin United, when you coached them, and while you coached the Real Marin team.

I've been involved in soccer all my life, growing up in post war Germany and then coming to the U.S. In reading your excerpt, I think you have the right idea and wish you continued success. Your dedication to the sport and enthusiasm for teaching the kids is commendable.

I really enjoyed reading the piece about Wigan and yes, you can be successful with less money. By the way, we have a former Wigan player, Geoff Davies, who also played in the Marin league for many seasons and to this day is still the top goal scorer for Wigan in a season, which was back in the '70s.

Happy Thanksgiving

Karl Buder

Posted on 23 Nov 2005 by coachgianni
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