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What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (2d and last part).

When I concluded part 1, I said that whoever is interested could count on my monthly check of $100 to create and sustain the California Stars.

People wrote to me saying: "What can you do with $100?"

With ONLY my $100 I can offer a nice dinner out to my wife, that's a good way to say sorry for how much time I take away from our lives to take care of my soccer business.

It's hard to build something with $100. But if 20 people put $100 a month together, it becomes $2,000! With $24,000 a year I believe that a Soccer Club COULD DO A LOT if it's guided in the right direction by the right people. And if the people, instead of 20 are 40 that's almost $50,000 and 80 could put together almost $100,000! What could a Soccer Club do with this kind of money?


Not only could it attract the best soccer players of any age in the Bay Area, but they could travel all over the world and play against the strongest youth teams in Europe and South America.

As I said, in 10 years the Club would have 10 teams of all ages with more than 200 really good players.

Do you think that it's unrealistic to predict that a minimum of 2 or 3 (in my opinion it could even be 5) of these players would have an important soccer career? If for 10 years, a kid, aside from the usual training and soccer season in the U.S., traveled in Europe and played against the youth teams of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool or A.C. Milan, I can assure you that a few of them would not just play at college in front of parents and friends. At 17 they would sign a contract for millions with one of these teams and continue to study there!

Maybe, and I hope you get the irony, his family would say thanks to the Club with a donation of a few hundred thousand dollars!

This could happen with my famous $100 a month.

So I'll continue to list the topics that I started in part 1

It's fundamental to develop a sense of belonging through parties and events to celebrate the years activities. So there would be barbeque's on the beach and games between players, parents and sponsors. People have to come together for the enjoyment of staying together because they come from the same territory, and not because their sons or daughters go to the same school. Otherwise, very soon, they will go to other schools and everything would finish, the team too.

If the teams of the Club are the expression of the territory, they will be there FOREVER, being totally disconnected from the fact that parents sustain the team because their sons or daughters play there. I'm talking about soccer lovers who sustain a Club because they love soccer, in loving their sons and daughters, too.

The Club, every year at it's highest expression, has to be able to produce 2/3 players who could seriously think of becoming professional players. Not necessarily in the U.S.

Discipline, discipline and discipline. Being on a team of a Club that represents a county or a town (even a little one) is an honor. Not coming on time to practice, not keeping in good shape, not eating healthy or not sleeping enough, is not acceptable when you represent your town. It's O.K. if you're a spoiled kid who plays on a team 'invented' by parents! So, discipline that creates better athletes, and more important, better people (even at 13 years old) ready to succeed in life, not only on a piece of grass!

All of this has to be put on a website that is the 'electronic home' of the Club. In this 'home' all the players, supporters, fans, friends and potential sponsors, will find history, pictures, gadgets and where and when the teams play. On the website, all these people have to be able to find out how a game went, who scored and how. Every game is not just a 0-0, 1-0,1-1 or 3-1. There's even a story behind 0-0. We lost? That's O.K., but how did we play? How did the team manage itself? Where are we going from here and what do we need?

Please, force yourselfes to understand this:

If kids just want to kick the ball around, they should go to the beach or the park and have fun. A team is something that takes dedication, passion, sacrifice and discipline, otherwise, we 'pretend' to be soccer players just by wearing a jersey and a pair of cleats!

The topics I listed are not a point of arrival but only a departure.
Creating a Soccer Club is a journey that leads to the MLS to compete at a national level.

How much time would it take? It's not important. What's important is to know where you want to go.

In a Rolls Royce car brochure, under the topic Engine Power, the specification is: ENOUGH!

If you have 'enough' time and you believe it, one day not far away, you'll see the California Stars play against the Earthquakes in San Jose, assuming they are still there on that day, and I'm not really sure they'll be there.

But one thing is for sure. If you apply what I listed in part 1 and 2, the California Stars will be on that field

Coach Gianni
Posted on 20 Nov 2005 by coachgianni
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