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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, by coach Hervi Rualo

The next time you have the privelege of being able to stand on the sidelines of a youth game, take the time and note the comments being made by 'supposedly' mature adults.

The Good...

1) We seem to be working more with moving the ball around today.

2) My son touched the ball more times in this game than the last 4 games he has played.

3) The boys looked like their playing together like a team.

The Bad...

1) Why do we keep on playing the ball back to the keeper?

2) Boy, too many back passes, sometimes I don't know which goal we're going to !!

3) Why are we taking shoots so far from the goal? We're only ahead 4-0!

The Ugly...

1) We should be burying this team 12 to 0, why is the coach holding the players back ?

2) Why is my son playing back he just scored 2 goals?

3) This limited scoring " Sucks ". The 49ers would love this directive.

Coach Hervi Rualo

FUNdamental Goalkeeper Coach

Posted on 31 Oct 2005 by coachgianni
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