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Hello and thanks from Coach Rob.

Dear Coach G,
I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for
your ‘one on one’ personalized coaching mentorship
over the past six months. Although I am a former
competitive athlete and have coached kids of all ages
in other sports, my soccer experience was essentially
novice level when we first met. It was comforting and
insightful to start my ‘soccer education’ with what I
call ‘Coach G Life Lessons’; providing an
understanding of the game’s philosophy which you then
used as a basis for your educational program.

Your published articles as well as the various referred
reading materials were incredibly helpful. Your
combination of real world examples from your own
competitive playing days as well as your firsthand
field coaching experience of kids at all levels
consistently painted real world rather than
theoretical examples of how and why your coaching
regimen works. Finally, your preparedness for each
lesson., and willingness to jump on the playing field
and work skills and drills actively with me to
demonstrate each of your techniques and ensure that I
could demonstrate the knowledge transfer is the sign
of a true educator. Rather than the typical passive
listening and chalkboard coaching seminars I have
attended in the past, or just reading self-study
articles on the web, your interactive ‘hands-on’
training prepared me for real-world coaching.

So has your program worked with my teams? I would say
the parents and the kids alike would say a definitive
‘Absolutely’! The evolution of your program to
ritualize everything from warm-ups to passing and ball
skills through game strategy and fun time has worked.
The kids know their routine with limited management
and look forward to mastering each drill and skill so
they can see the next set of activities to learn.

The depth of your program provided me with a seemingly
everlasting set of tools to continue layering into our
practices as the kids get older and become more adept
at each skill. The most noticeable change during the
course of this season has been the ‘Shape’ of the
team. Although it took quite a while to get there as
you said it would, the team now moves throughout the
field in soccer formation in a way I hadn’t thought
possible at these ages. Initially skeptical, I now
see the benefit of consistently and continually
practicing the various team shape drills with the
overall goal of helping each of our kids understand
not only their own positions, but also there positions
and roles relative to their teammates. Last, our
teams are playing extremely competitively and at a
much higher level than in prior years. In fact, we
have beaten several of the more competitive Mission
club teams who play all-year round, something we have
not been able to closely achieve in prior years.

Finally and most importantly, the kids are playing
with tons of confidence and loving the sport of
soccer. As well, I am coaching with tons of
confidence and enjoying my role as coach more than
ever. I look forward to coaching my son and daughter
and their soccer teammates and enthusiastically
continuing my ‘Coach G’ education for many years to

Best Regards

Coach Rob
(U 9 boys and U 6 girls)

Posted on 23 Oct 2005 by coachgianni
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