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"Thanks" from a Student.
Hi Gianni,

This is just to say "thanks" again for your terrific Sunday afternoon
program. I just posted a glowing review of the clinic to the listserv
for my co-ed recreational league ( I
included a link to your website and mentioned that you are currently
running Tu/Th night classes. We have at least 125 soccer players on
our mailing list, so the posting may bring you some more students.
There are few resources/classes available for *adults* to develop
soccer skills so you are performing a valuable service for the Bay

Although it might not have seemed that way, I really got a lot from
your coaching. I'm also pleased to have come away with some exercises
that I can use to develop ball control skills on my own. I made a
promise to myself a couple of years ago to try to learn this game, but
this has turned out to be a much bigger challenge than I expected.
Especially at my age (41) with little athletic talent, little prior
experience and a surgically recontructed knee. But this is why I
chose soccer - because it's hard for me and doesn't come naturally
(not because it's the world's most beautiful game, which it is of
course). Learning to play has been an interesting road and I intend
to stay on it, even though I may move at a snail's pace. Thanks for
putting some lights along the way!

Posted on 23 Oct 2005 by coachgianni
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