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Practice, Practice and Practice again!

I often ask this question.
Do you know how much time a player handles the ball in a 90 minute game? I've said it many times and I'd like to think that you finally know the answer.

2 minutes. TWO MINUTES!

What can we learn in 2 minutes?
The only thing that we can learn in 2 minutes is that we can learn NOTHING in 2 minutes! And this is already something good to have learned.

PRACTICES are for learning to become a better soccer player and GAMES are to see what we've learned and IF we've learned.
Practice, Practice and Practice again.
The right repetition of right movement lets us improve our soccer skills. Repetition. There is no other way to get better.

Pianists, violinist and guitarists constantly repeat a fixed sequence of notes to improve their manual ability in playing.
It's the same in soccer. Repetition.

Our brain is very smart. When she (she, because everything very smart is female!) understands that we will repeat the same movement, 'she' will build a new neuron connection to save time. A kind of shortcut. She is the most sophisticated computer and her job is to save time for a better utilization of her memory.
New neuron connections to go from point A to point B, faster. This means that, under pressure, we will react faster and better, because emotions will not influence our actions. We will not act, but react automatically and mechanically, RIGHT!

In a game we touch the ball for 2 minutes, but in a 2 hour individual practice, we touch the ball for a minimum of 1 hour and a half. This is 30 times more. The equivalent of 30 games. If you play 30 games a year, you learn more in a 2 hour practice than playing soccer for 1 year!

You're not convinced yet?
Sorry, there's no hope for you to get better but, if you keep missing goals that you should have scored, please stop saying: "Unlucky".

Coach Gianni
Posted on 02 Oct 2005 by coachgianni
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