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Aren't you tired of missing goals that you should have scored?

When we play basketball, we have dozens of opportunities to make baskets. Sooner or later we'll make some, but soccer is different. If we're lucky enough, we'll have ONE, maybe TWO, good assists that could become an acceptable chance to score. ONE or TWO! Not dozens.

Rush, precipitation, lack of skill, waiting too long, opponent pressure, lack of detachment, psychological pressure (if I make it we'll win!), failure to have practiced the same situation 100's of times and the ball, unfortunately, doesn't go in the net!

Without being presumptuous, if you are an 'acceptable' soccer player, I can make you a real 'killer' of the penalty area, in less than 10 lessons! I'll teach you the right shooting technique and the right attitude to transform a good opportunity into a goal.

I recently held a clinic with a team that has the problem of transforming good opportunities into goals, and here is what their coach wrote to me:

I just wanted to thank you again for your clinic. My girls were very challenged by it, but they also felt a great sense of accomplishment at having been able to execute what you taught them. As Rachel said " it's like I have learned an entirely new way to kick the ball". As a coach, I thank you for having provided my team with the tools necessary to become fundamentally solid shooters and scorers. I will recommend you highly to other teams (but NOT to our opponents !!!).

Warmest regards, George Jacobs

Coach Gianni
Posted on 28 Aug 2005 by coachgianni
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