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A provocative news letter #2

As I imagined my 'provocative' news letter 'provoked' the desired effect so I need to clarify what I mean in saying: " sometime, let the kids have fun without interfering with corrections".

All of us were kids.
Unfortunately 99% of us have forgotten or believe that it's something that's confined to a long time ago and is gone forever. The remaining 1% of us, still have that kid living in us. Not as a prisoner but as a friend. I'm very lucky to be one of this 1%!

So when I get in touch with myself as a kid, we do what kids like to do when they play. They 'pretend' to be someone else and build imaginary situations and act like they're real. They can be explorers in the jungle, or navigators who enter into unknown waters, or knights who save princes' from dragons, or heroes who save the planet from aliens, or players who play the final of the World Cup and have the winning assist and score, becoming the world champion.

They can do this, if they play 3 vs 3 on the sand at the beach or on the grass in the back yard, but they CAN'T do that on a soccer field practicing with a head coach, assistant coach and parents who, when they make a mistake yell: "Good try, honey!" or "Try again honey".

Trying to teach kids how to have fun, is like trying to teach cats how to climb trees. It's genetic for them to now how and if you try, they will only fall from the trees. Do you really want to see your kids falling from 'trees of life'?

Kids need to pretend in order to have fun. If they can't pretend, they (we) can't have fun. When a few lucky kids, very talented in playing soccer, pass a try-out and enter a soccer team, they're able to have fun, because they know how to have fun with the addition of discipline. What does this mean? It means they learn to pretend individually and not as a group anymore.

Where do these talented kids come to play? Easy. On one of the thousands of soccer clubs. Where do all the other kids play? Easy. Second star to the right and straight on 'till morning.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 10 Aug 2005 by coachgianni
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