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Unforgettable moments in soccer

In any sport, through the decades, there are 'magic moments' in which time seems to stop. When a basket is made at the last second and it means a gold medal at the Olympic Games. When a baseball is hit out of the stadium and it means winning the World Series. When a touchdown is made on a returning kick, running 80 yards and astonishing millions of spectators.

I know it's hard to believe but this 'magic', happens in soccer too!

Today, for a professional player to score 200 goals in his career, is an unbelievable achievement so, you can imagine what it meant for Pele` to have scored 1,281 goals in 1,364 games. This is more than 6 times the most dreamed of achievement.

What an unforgettable moment when all the world was waiting for Pele`'s thousandth goal. That game, hundreds of photographers and cameramen were behind the goal net. In a certain moment of the game a penalty was awarded for Santos (Pele`'s team) and everything stopped. When Pele` kicked and scored, hundreds of reporters, photographers and cameramen invaded the field and carried him in triumph on their shoulders. The game was interrupted for 20 minutes to celebrate the moment and subsequently a stamp was created to remember this historical moment in soccer.

It's impossible to talk about Pele` without introducing Maradona. How can one forget the goal he scored from the starting kick of the game, seeing the keeper a little too far away from the goal? How can one forget that, with the Naples team in Italy that barely survived in the Serie A league, he won the National Title (the Scudetto) 2 times and won the UEFA Cup, one of the most prestigious soccer tournaments? How can one forget the 1986 final of the World Cup against Germany, when he received the ball in mid-field and by himself beat 6 opponents successively (the keeper too) and put the ball in the net?

How can one forget the 1970 semi-final of the World Cup between Italy and Germany in which, at the last minute of the game, when Italy was leading 1-0, Schnellinger (a German player who in that moment played in Italy for A.C. Milan) scored the 1-1? The 2 periods of extra time that followed mark forever the history of soccer and could be considered the game of games. The 2 teams kept scoring alternatively until Rivera scored the 4-3 for Italy.
I was very young but I remember it was 3:00 in the morning and, with my father, we took the car and went into downtown Milano to celebrate.
One mile away from the Duomo of Milano, we left the car in the middle of the street with other thousands of cars left the same way.

More than a million of people that night, celebrated until morning waving flags and singing I.. TA..LY, I..TA..LY!
I could write pages remembering that unforgettable moment and maybe in the future I will. Why don't you send me your unforgettable moments? I'll publish them.

Coach Gianni
Posted on 03 Aug 2005 by coachgianni
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