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Us lucky ones

(This letter came from a fellow coach who survived the D National course in Burlingame. We narrowly escaped the 'furnace' of Stockton)

Dear Friends,

It's early, too early to be honest, but I'm awake, and having a spot of tea.
Guess what today would have meant, if it wasn't for Burlingame.
I know for sure, at least Lance, would have been joining me in Stockton for the journey we all took together in cooler climes, (we even got cold and a little wet).
As we go about our lives today, spare a thought for the man that helped us, not only become better coaches, better teachers of the beautiful game and also better people. Hervi! He will be guiding more nervous coaches over the next 5 day.
Wherever this finds you around the Bay Area, thank your lucky stars we are not one of those poor nervous coaches.
Five days weather forecast for Stockton reads 100 - 105 without a cloud in sight. It will be close to that today out in Brentwood, but I'll find some shade, and replay in my mind, the rain that fell, the laughs that filled the air, and the magical Push, Pick, Pass, 'Shoota' the ball into the empty net, while the poor Arturo, cowered against the far post, scared to move, fearing for his life. Session that our 'maestro from Milan' afforded us.

Keep cool friends, all the best!!

Posted on 15 Jul 2005 by coachgianni
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