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Call it D...........but it was an A

Hello Friends,

Yesterday after I partied a bit, I took an .. Italian nap and when I woke up I had you all in mind .. I put few thoughts on .. paper and today I worked on deciphering the email addresses you scribbled in you beer-shaky-hand-writing .. In Hervi's case I needed to do some internet searches in order to find it.

Arturo - The big heart who fought that 0 opponent with everything he's got. Life was unfair for him to start the field sessions .. but his fear of God and going through the threat of hanging to the goal post for the rest of his life, made him stronger and his closing was flawless.

Manish - An other big heart, ready to help on every field session even when banged up, present for all the post-sessions activities bringing his sense of humor and generosity to the table and .. on the table ..

Robert - The soft mannered and nice person who transformed into a cool PK executor, flying tackler and .. elephant handler ..

Paul - The vicious defender who 'took me out' to give Nam a free kick and who kept us in the game on Saturday .. Clearly ready to step into the goal after a short training session ..

Jeff - the victim of a tough evening of training that helped everybody visualize and understand the hard work behind the 'hanging out' in front of the goal. Of course, the good training on Thursday showed great results on the Saturday game.

Joe - The Big Guy heart showed not only on the field but in his support and help for all of us. The beautiful and very thorough sketch he put on the board convinced us that the Saturday Peek and Score was only a tactical deviation and not a short cut in the SERVE ..

Rob - the scientific approach to soccer. I hope you all noticed his presentation was color coded ..

Nam - the always happy first attacker, first defender who can be attacker but also second defender, who can be A2 or A1 but then D2 is first defender ..

Lance - the always enthusiastic player and coach who needed to be reminded we are a bit older and .. a bit over-stretched .. He showed us how hard it is to break old habits .. He had us fooled on the field but on the presentation it came up .. he used the wrong hand ..

Gianni - The memory book of this class would be cut in half if it weren't for Il Dio, Il Generale .. his presence, sense of humor, warmth, intensity and love for soccer clearly made him the Most Valuable(and Lasting) Presence in the memories of this class ..

Hervi - The person who put us all at ease and funneled our attention towards learning the course instead of passing it. To be a good teacher takes more than teaching .. Hervi's approach guaranteed the success(11 + 1) of the group and helped us build the bonding and camaraderie that was so evident.

Karl - The Man behind the SERVE. He hit some aces with all of us and helped us better understand the whole concept and to believe in it. As an excellent psychologist and teacher I am sure he observed us more than anyone imagines.

I am sure our paths will cross in the future and I am sure we'll all be very happy to see each other and give each other a hug .. even if we meet on Castro Street.

I wish I had more time to write about the others .. but, like you, I got back into the busy day-to-day life ..

I'll do my best to stay in touch with all of you! If I forget .. please remind me ;-)

Thank you all for the fun we had and for the A+ (D) class!


Posted on 22 Jun 2005 by coachgianni
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