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About Corner and Throw-in in the end field


Bill in Missouri here.
I have a question about youth soccer rules.
When the offensive team is doing a corner kick in their opponents end of the field, can they kick the ball directly into the goalie box or do they have to kick it outside of the box? And how about when doing a throw-in in the end field?

Thanks, I wish I could come to your workshop. I hope you and your teams are having a good season.


Dear Bill,

In the 'Laws of the Game' such things don't exist.

The meaning of a corner kick, is to give the attacking team the chance to finish the action that was interrupted by the defensive team, in throwing the ball out of the goal line.

In this country, a few leagues forbid the players under a certain age, to hit the ball with the head because they believe the muscles of the neck are not developed enough to absorb the impact with the ball.
But even with this limitation, there is no reason not to send the ball into the goal area. Just chest it down and try to score in any case. The only problem is having a player who's able to kick the ball there, otherwise pass to a teammate and keep playing.

Same attitude with the throw-in. If you have a player who can throw the ball in the area, good, otherwise give it to someone close and keep going.


Being that both situations are in the far corner, often the receiver passes the ball back to the player who does the throw-in or the short corner, and finds him, in 90% of the cases, in off-sides! So teach them to immediately run back.


Coach Gianni

Posted on 09 May 2005 by coachgianni
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