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A Hard Choice To Make
Hello Gianni,

Just giving you the update on the college ordeal. I have narrowed it down to two schools.
The problem with one is that it doesn't have a soccer team, but they do have a club team.

The other, however, does have a soccer team, but it is really hard to get onto I believe. Those are my two choices at the moment. If you have any suggestions that would be nice.

I am going to be visiting one this weekend so I will try to talk to the coach and see how hard it is to walk on. I will keep you in touch.

Thanks again for everything.



Dear B.,

Itís always a great pleasure to hear from you.

I feel the responsibility to give you the suggestion you asked for, more as a friend or big brother than as your coach. My suggestion is this.

Choosing the right school is part of a sport too, and itís much more important than soccer.
This sport is called: SUCCEED IN LIFE.

Itís a hard sport because there are no fixed rules like in soccer. The rules change everyday and itís up to you to recognize the right or wrong rules.

So, donít choose a school because you can enter or not on a soccer team! Choose the school that gives you the feeling that it can prepare you to fight and win in the sport SUCCEED IN LIFE.

If in playing this hard sport, you play on a soccer team too, this will help you to stay more focused, sharp, concentrated and aware in reaching the main objective, but nothing more.

The point of every sport, before making us better athletes, is to make us better people, ready to succeed in life.

Iím sure youíll choose the school that will help you become a better person.


Your coach and friend,

Posted on 16 Apr 2005 by coachgianni
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