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My Favorite Team
Many people ask me what my favorite team is.

Without a doubt, it's A.C. Milan. There are a few others that I really like. Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are my favorites, too.

But to be honest the team that I like the most in this moment is a team made of 6 girls and 1 boy who are really good.

They are from Ecuador, India, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

You can see their pictures here.

I've followed their progress for many years just by sustaining them though the program "Children International".

They play the most difficult sport in the world. It's called:

TRY TO SURVIVE AS WELL AS YOU CAN, and they do it really well.

See the writing below?

She is Maria Fernanda and she's only 9 years old. She lives in the middle of nowhere in Ecuador.

Do you see the quality of the writing?

Compare it with the same age child here in the U.S.!

Coach Gianni
Posted on 13 Apr 2005 by coachgianni
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