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The 10 commandments of what not to do in a Soccer/Football game.

The World Cup is almost here and I have a soccer/football dream!!!!

Why did England, Italy and Spain fail so badly at the World Cup ???

What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (2d and last part).

What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (part #1)

Happy Holidays ??

Your comments on The "fake" friends generations.........

The “fake” friends generations.

The fundamental concept of playing 3 touches !!!!

Top youth American soccer/football players, it's time to wake up !!!

A few of your comments about the SF Schools.......

How could this happen in a great city like San Francisco ???

I never saw scoring a goal by shooting...out !!!!!

It takes 8 to 10 years to build a top soccer/football player !!!!!

Soccer teams disappear but soccer clubs last forever !!!!!

A problem that affects Soccer/Football at the International and Club level.

Two words that should be forbidden in soccer/football: Big Kick !!!!

Thinking aloud about soccer/football in the USA.

Sometimes, in soccer/football, something magic happens and.......

In short.... in soccer/football, put the ball in the net! (New Version)

Two categories of soccer/football players: ‘marble’ and ‘glue’ feet.

There is only one sure way not to miss a penalty kick...

In the US, if at youth age (9-10) you’re clearly the best player on your team...

What was life before the World Cup ???

Why Italy deservedly went home at the first stage of the World Cup.

A few thoughts about the Soccer World Cup

Show me a goal, any goal, and I’ll show you...

A few of your comments about being always late!

A really bad habit. Always being late for practices and games.

In soccer/football, speed is great, but changing speed is VICTORIOUS!

American soccer, “Don’t make the European football mistakes!”

Soccer-Football is dead. Rest in peace!

Soccer/Football. It’s time to see instead of just looking and to listen instead of just hearing!

A consideration about the next Soccer/Football World Cup in South Africa.

Coach Gianni Contest winners.

Soccer/Football. 4,000 (four thousands!!) ball touches in 1 hour instead of just 100!!!!

Money is bound to destroy soccer/football……. SOON!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from coach gianni………

Are there 19 soccer addicted dreamers as myself who would like to create a REAL Youth Soccer Club?

In soccer, why don't we have the central referee just……check that the game is played correctly?

Thanks from Richard about Italy debacle.......

From Ref. Mal - England - about Italy good-Bye!

Stefan thoughs about Italy failure at Euro 2008

A theory which explains the Italian debacle at the European

From Martin about Italy debacle at Euro 2008

Your Thanks after my last news letter. March 26th 2008

Christmas in the Trenches

Have a heart!

Great Coaches create great players by transforming them into……. great coaches!

Are you a soccer-holic?

Balls # size and full size goals in youth soccer.

Soccer. How to choose the Captain of your team.

Soccer. Where has the dressing room gone? (new version)

My American Dad. One of the last living legends

2008 good soccer resolutions for players (youths and adults), parents, coaches, referees and league officials.

Parreira: Brazil's talent factory isn't slowing

In Soccer, first things...... first!

This is not a joke. That’s why it’s so funny!

Let children play football like they do in Brazil. By Steve Payne (Telegraph)

The true spirit of the Game of Soccer (New version)

The perfect relationship between chess and soccer.

Soccer, sportsmanship and fair play.

The American way of ‘developing’ youth soccer players.

More about Club vs. High School

13 Steps to Being a Winning Parent by Dr Alan Goldberg. (First Part)

Stay focused on developing your passion! Your……..not our!

A Coach's Guide to Developing Self-Esteem. By Dr. Alan Goldberg

In sports, don’t fall into the trap of being superstitious!

The 3 most common mistakes that almost all keepers keep repeating.

Scoring more goals and sportmanship from Coach Steve Chiappetto

A simple adjustment in soccer, that can enormously improve the number of goals scored!

Give up soccer, or any sports, for…………………

Substitutions from Tim

Substitutions from Julio

Unlimited substitutions from Dick Hansen

Why limit the number of substitutions during a soccer game?

What “Recreational soccer” means in the rest of the world!

Among all soccer players who would like to improve, a good percent are keepers.

After sending out my weekly news letters, through the years, I noticed a curious phenomenon.

A Wild Soccer Idea from Ed.

From Coach Josh about the beatiful game in the US.


Help with a Mission boys team

A few challenging soccer questions that I tried to answer.

Besides soccer, something that would be good for you to know about Italian foods and what is considered a traditional Italian meal.

A moral soccer contract with the players of your team!

A reportage of Coach Deejae (Marin FC) from Sweden.

Please don’t coach soccer, even if the other parents insist, if you don’t have the knowledge to do it!

About "play" soccer from Charlie.

A few kind words from Justin, about don't force kids to play soccer.

If you’d like your kids to play soccer, don’t force them to do it!

Youth Soccer "Why We Will Not Win the World Cup in Our Lifetime" By Bob Asklof

To improve youth soccer in the US, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

The perfect mix to be a ‘great’ soccer player.

In soccer practices, please, don’t make your players stand in line anymore!

Seven questions from a youth soccer player.

Q&As Australian Tourism board. Sent by Ref. Mal from England

Soccer. Spend $50 to be sure that a kid will not die from a heart attack while playing? Are you out of your mind?

About the value of things and money, from one of my youth soccer students

A lesson here? From coach Deejae

Getting Parents to Work With You, Not Against You. By Dr. Alan Goldberg

Aside from soccer, two suggestions for making our kids more aware of the value of things and money.

A simple adjustment from Todd.

A simple adjustment of a soccer law by Ref. Bob

Delay of Game from Dick Hansen

New law don't touch the ball not needed by Ref. Ernie

A simple adjustment of a soccer law, that can make soccer, much better!

Teams beat teams, not single soccer players. And REAL coaches help them!


Old man's problem. From a friend in England

USA’s ‘curious’ way to create youth categories of soccer. (class 1 and 3)

About sportmanship, from Tao.

Great Words of Advice. From Coach Michelle

Playing soccer with mean, pushy players.

In soccer, being naturally left footed is a great gift from Mother Nature.

This American culture has lost its way. From David.

Be more fit for soccer? Do a great loop of 2.5 hours in the Presidio of San Francisco.

A sport much harder than soccer. Being a mom!

Have you ever wondered why this is so? From Eric.

Sports and life should live together. From Justin

We don't care in America. From M.

All of us lost a great opportunity!

It is representative of problems that go deep in our American history and culture. From Bill

All of us lost a great opportunity from C.

The colourful history of a fascinating game by Dr. Gerhardt

Lack of love for one another from Coach Michelle

Thank you from K.

Virginia Tech Nightmare from JT

The continuous soccer battle between High Schools and Clubs.

ALAN BALL MBE 1945 – 2007

High School/Club Soccer from a soccer mom!

High School/Club Soccer from Todd

High School/Club Soccer from Coach Josh

High School/Club Soccer from (obviously) anonymous as always!!!

High School/Club Soccer from Coach Michelle

Save the Parks by Bill Clark

Dos and Don'ts for Winning Pre-meet Psyching by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Soccer Earthquakes 1979 by Dick Hansen

Counter Attack. The most effective way to score a goal!

Dos and Don'ts for Winning Pre-meet Psyching by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Soccer. Two original, fun and unconventional ways to improve the skills and fitness of the players on your teams.

unconventional soccer practice ideas from Alex

Good Bye Tower Records

Choosing the right soccer shoes from Eric.

Pre-Practice Activities by Coach Lawrence G. Fine

Peak Performance Under Stress: 11 Guidelines for Winning Coaching by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Choosing the right soccer shoes.

Blades versus round cleats from Tammy

About "Peak Performance Under Stress" from Coach Chris Trevisan

Choosing the right soccer shoes. From Ron Lavi

Choosing the right soccer shoes. From Coach Josh

Choosing the right soccer shoes. From Coach Jay

A summer that changed my life. By Toby Rappolt

Can the pleasure of playing soccer and being passionate about it be taught?

At last! We’ll have the ‘divine’ Beckham.

Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

L.A. Galaxy welcome forward Tristan Bowen as first player to join Galaxy Rios program

The PEP Program: Prevent injury and Enhance Performance

IFAB Statement from Ref. Mal

Electronic eye to end goal disputes (4th March 2007) From Ref. Mal

IFAB backs referee in hijab controversy (4th March 2007) From Ref. Mal

On Beckham contract from Walker

Beckham can't do what even Pele was enable to do! From coach Hervi

Beckham and Figure 8 from Koach Karl

About Beckham from Ron

About Beckham contract from Walker

Practicing soccer during a compressed High School season.

San Francisco deserves a soccer team in the MLS!

Soccer Earhtquakes 1979 by Dick Hansen

the state of futball in the USA: women's soccer from Andres


Coach Gianni - Is it time to rethink your stance? By Ed.

This occurs in the US also Gianni. By Bill

I look ahead with optimism by Justin

I don't think it is lack of civilization in your Italy by Charlie


not feel ashamed. by Mason

please be proud to be italian by Kevin

There are moments in which I’m ashamed of being Italian!

Are we smart or what?

Five Steps from Girls Soccer to High School Women’s Soccer. By Coach Jim Broshar.

A pillar of soccer: playing POSSESSION!

The problem goes deeper than the college level by Mbaki R Mutahaba

About "play possession" from Mbaki R Mutahaba

About "play possession" from Ron Lavi

The execution of the perfect penalty kick has become a formula!

NCAA Soccer a dead end for MLS talent, by Paul Gardner.

US soccer neads help. From Todd

College Soccer in America from Ron Lavi

College Soccer by Charlie Little

About, NCAA Soccer a dead end for MLS talent, from Kal Sandhu

Paul Gardner's Essay from Mike

Soccer in America from coach Michelle Lee

About, NCAA Soccer a dead end for MLS talent, from Ric Olivas

Paradigms, Judgments, and Complacency By Rick Zitelli

I was too permissive!

Learning the a, b, c’s of soccer is like learning to read and write

Professor invents 'ripeness' sticker

Fair play by contract?

The immense joy of teaching soccer fundamentals to youth and adults soccer students.

FIFA World Player of the Year and Golden Ball from "France Football".

2007 good soccer resolutions for players (youths and adults), parents, coaches, referees and league officials.

World Cup Musings, by Klaas De Boer

The Fruits and Flaws of ODP By Mike Woitalla

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis December 2006

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis November 2006

Red Meat Moderation by Cheryl Koch, M.S., R.D.

Good Bye Great Puskas!

Soccer. The correct relationship between Coaches and Players (in my opinion).

Fast Food Choices by Cheryl Koch, M.S., R.D.

Have you seen the right movies?

A soccer dream came true, among others that are still there.

When California soccer, celebrates the one’s that give so much to it!

Downsizing the Supersizing by Cheryl Koch, M.S., R.D.

How Are Sprains and Strains Treated? (NIAMS)

Is it time to give the keepers more protection?

Follow the Five-a-Day Rule by Cheryl Koch, M.S., R.D.

When To See a Doctor for a Sprain or a Strain? (NIAMS)

A few soccer aspects, that represent the difference between losing or winning a game.

The problem of having players on the team, that have a very different level of soccer skills.

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis. October 2006

Emails after my article about the Blue Angels Show

10 great health foods: Best bets for eating well, by Mayo Foundation

What Is the Difference Between a Sprain and a Strain? (NIAMS)

2 videos that will blow your mind

Handling failure (for Parents) by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Referees represent the laws of soccer, like judges represent the laws of daily life in a civilized society.

Building stronger, mentally tougher athletes from failures, mistakes and setbacks. By Dr. Alan Goldberg

Do you really believe that because you don’t pay the ticket, the Blue Angels’ show is FOR FREE?

What a great vehicle of friendship soccer is!

Handling failure (for Players) by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Keepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards. What is expected of you in a given position on the field?

What is missing in this country is to play soccer in the rain and, consequently, in the mud!

A few email about:120 games a years is childe abuse.

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis - September 2006

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis - March 2006

Great news, besides soccer

Colorblind coach left red-faced

Training may cut female soccer players’ knee risks.

Injuries. By Coach George Jacobs

We received the game of soccer as an inheritance. It’s our duty to pass it on to the next generation.

Presidio Playing Fields. From Jim Ketcham, President-SFLL

College Life/Soccer Life. By one of my ex-soccer students

The four “D’s” of success in soccer and in life, too!

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis. August 2006

Players as coaches. By Coach Lawrence G. Fine

Here and There. Two different ways to create a Youth Soccer Club.

Today's Lesson. By Gil Heiman

We played soccer in the street, too. By Karl Buder

In soccer, as in life, it’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time.

2014 World Cup Project, if the USA doesn’t want come home again at the beginning.

A few email about:It seems like yesterday.

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis July 2006

We played soccer in the street, too. By Eric Walter

Hit the ball with the head. It’s now or never.

The sport of hurling!!! From Peter.

“Thank you” from a reader

Parents & Motivation: What's your role? by Dr. Alan Goldberg

Americans Sleep Less than They Think They Do, by Robert Roy Britt

Besides soccer, the greatest misunderstanding of the new generations

"So you really want to impress the coach? Here's how!" By Dr. Alan Goldberg.

The greatest characteristic of a soccer player is his ‘Coachability’.

How all the top footballers can bend it like Beckham By Roger Highfield, Science Editor of Telegraph

What’s In A Name By Rick Zitelli

We played soccer in the street.

How Harvard helped to kill America’s enjoyment of Soccer.

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis June 2006

The never ending story of the Italian’s penalty kick against Australia.

Chronicle of a Debacle Foretold

Strong impressions during the day of USA-GHANA-ITALY-CZECH REP

Why is it sometimes good to play soccer barefoot?

Leaving your trash on the field after the game, is unacceptable.

Shame on you Andriy

(More about) Slide Tackles in Youth Soccer

How sports psychology and mental toughness training can get you playing the best soccer of your life. By Dr. Alan Goldberg.

The greatest scandal ever in the history of soccer.

Your emails about my article on the Off-Side Law.

Slide Tackles in Youth Soccer (My article)

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis May 2006

Cool Down By Coach Lawrence Fine

In soccer, even an infinitesimal episode can change everything, like a butterfly can provoke a hurricane in the other hemisphere.

What Kind of Coach Are You?

Easy Pass, Assist and Score.

In soccer, is the off-side law still valid and realistic?

Slide Tackles in Youth Soccer from Jim

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis April 2006

What a REAL soccer player is (in my opinion).

From Coach Hervi Rualo (CYSA Instructor) about the "soccer field"

Really understanding what a soccer field is.

Learning Experiences, Then and Now, Part 1-2-3 By Rick Zitelli

The right comparison in soccer.

Airport renamed after George Best

It’s a small world.

Hints for optimizing corner kicks in defense and in attack.

6 things a parent should say. From Dan

Luke, about the article:Youth soccer in the U.S. The constant and harmful misunderstanding.

Youth soccer in the US. The constant and harmful misunderstanding.

SportsVideo. A great idea to show your kid's skills.

Talent is inborn. A champion you become through hard work!

Scottish legend Johnstone dies at 61 (March 2006)

Fred about George Best and Philip Burton

Other unforgettable moments in soccer.

‘The right call” by Ref. Vangelis February 2006

Great Lesson. From Robb.

The great adventure of renting a soccer field in San Francisco for 2 weeks, 4 hours a day NOT on the week-end.

iPod comment from Marcelo

More sports, maybe soccer, and less iPod!

"Winning Is Everything!?" By FUNdamentaL Soccer Coach

The only chance for professional soccer to succeed in the U.S. is to deeply change it! (Part 2)

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis January 2006

Teaching Youth Soccer in a Holiday Country?

In soccer, as in life, if you begin to lie and no one corrects you, you’ll lie for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to coach? By Ron Lavi

Team Backbone and Soccer Formations by Ron Lavi

Actualizing the laws of soccer.

Play soccer at home, with a supportive crowd.

Soccer has to face this problem soon!

An appreciation of my work

Holiday Stories With A Soccer Theme

2005 Golden Ball to Ronaldinho

about 'Invisible walls in San Francisco' from Carlos, Garen and Chip.

Invisible walls in San Francisco

'The right call', by Ref. Vangelis December 2005

The true spirit of the Game of Soccer

Origin of soccer

Keeping the Feet Moving by Coach Lawrence Fine

In short. Put the ball in the net!

'The righ call' by Ref. Vangelis November 2005

'The righ call' by Ref. Vangelis October 2005

Real soccer fans are there when their teams lose, not when they win trophies

From Ref. Karl Buden

What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (2d and last part).

Some of my comments from 35 years as a keeper, from Fred

The 'Net'. How 11 soccer players learn to move as a team.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, by coach Hervi Rualo

What a soccer club is in the rest of the world (part 1)

Hello and thanks from Coach Rob.

"Thanks" from a Student.

The drama of rejection

An interesting comparison.

An illuminating consideration

A special student.

Practice, Practice and Practice again!

A revolution in soccer!

Are you a soccer-holic?

We don't need NEW ROLES. Just use the ones we already have!

An open letter from a soccer lover.

It seems like yesterday.

Where has the dressing room gone?

Aren't you tired of missing goals that you should have scored?

The wrong culture of 'winning at all costs'.

A breath of fresh air.

The only chance for professional soccer to succeed in the U.S. is to deeply change it!

One World! One Game!

A provocative news letter #2

Soccer magic moments from Mike

Don't take away their freedom

Unforgettable moments in soccer

A rewarding letter

Less TV and more soccer. The only risk is getting smarter!

The best and faster way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion

A provocative news letter!

Us lucky ones

Soccer & Real Life

I dare you to teach them to play (soccer) each and every day!!!

Playing soccer is pure joy!

120 games a year is Child Abuse!


Call it D...........but it was an A

What about being a goalkeeper?

20 things you didn't know about the beautiful game. From Fifa Centennial (

Who was the greatest soccer player?

Karl Dewazien CYSA State Coaching Director

About Corner and Throw-in in the end field

Is This Soccer, Too?

Decades Pass But The Right Technique Is Still The Same

From James R. Cook, President & Ceo of Children International

An Encouraging Letter

A Hard Choice To Make

My Favorite Team

From Hans de Graef (US Natl' Team Coach '82-'94)

Passion in Motion from Mr. Tuvi

How to Score or Save Penalty Kicks

A Young Goal Keeper's Thoughts

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